[In this feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

I was upset earlier today, like genuinely upset in the way that humans experience REAL EMOTIONS to learn that someone has already purchased the URL Man, self-potato is my favorite thing. I was going to buy that website and put my hover-grandchildren through space college. Oh well. The thing is, anyone with any kind of ambition is always hoping to find that one golden idea (for me, that idea was, apparently) that will be so tremendously successful that you enter into the rareified existence of financial stability AND creative freedom. Of course, these types of momentous successes are not without their own problems. For example, the crushing existential despair of living your life with the belief that your best work is behind you. And the potentially unbearable pressure of needing to consistently live up to and surpass your previous success.

Speaking of young, financially stable and creatively free people with an eye on the future, what is up with Topher Grace? 2010!

A LOT is up with him. I think we all have some big plans for the coming year, but you will not catch our buddy T-Bozgrace sleeping on this one. He is wearing a t-shirt that says “Co-Ed Naked Big Plans.” First of all, his upcoming ensemble romantic comedy, Valentine’ Day, is coming out soon. (February 12, duh.) Now we have been covering this movie for some time, but a new trailer was released over the holidays, and it’s nice to see Big TG getting some extra Face Time. Or as I like to call it Grace Face Time, because I like to call things terrible names.

Speaking of movies coming out, Topher has a new movie coming out THIS WEEK. Huh? How did that one sneak up on us AMERICA? It is called Young Americans and it stars Actor Prime (the One True Artist), alongside Dan Fogler (Good Luck Chuck, Good Luck Chuck 2) and Anna Faris. Here is the synopsis:

Plot Summary: Follow an aimless college grad who pursues his dream girl at a wild Labor Day weekend party. He, his twin sister and their best friend struggle with their burgeoning adulthood over the course of the night.

For some reason, the movie is slated to come out on January 9th, 2010, but there is still no trailer available on-line? My guess is because it’s TOO good. We will have to settle for two screenshots:

Looks great.

Meanwhile, Parade Magazine received an angry letter from a reader:

Now hold on a second! Admittedly, Grace’s success at the ballot box was in part due to our first successful Videogum Everywhere mission, but what is this lady’s problem?! Someone needs to take off their diaper and enjoy the fruits of democracy (and stop actually reading Parade Magazine). And also, stand your ground, Parade magazine. When you put up a reader poll like “Who Should Play Clark Gable in a Non-Existent Biopic We Just Made Up” you’ve got to be ready to STIR UP SOME CONTROVERSY.

Speaking of controversy, two different sites have posted this photo of “Topher Grace shopping with Ginnifer Goodwin.” There is just one problem!

Yikes! Get it right, PAPZ.

And speaking of photos, here is a collection of photos of Topher Grace without any shoes on at all.

Now, this isn’t exactly news (I guess I’ll probably get snubbed by the Pulitzer Committee AGAIN), but a website called “Download That 70s Show Episodes” (neat name!) has compiled a list of Fun Facts about Topher, and I just really like the way this guy writes:

Has it ever crossed your mind what the star was called as a kid? The very obvious answer would be “what else, Topher Grace”. You got it wrong this time. As a young kid, he was called as Chris by all his friends, and for dome reason or the other he didn’t admire it a bit. So he actually changed his name from Christopher to Topher. One thing for sure, all these big stars certainly have one thing in common. They all have done things in the past that none of us would really pay attention to.

You got it wrong this time! Huh? I feel like I just got hit over the head with a sock full of rolled up GENIUS.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication

And there you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to See you next time!

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  1. There is a reason Love Actually was never translated into American. We ruin everything! At least Topher gets the famous movie quote. “It’s Valentines Day?”

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  3. “As a young kid, he was called as Chris by all his friends, and for dome reason or the other he didn’t admire it a bit.”
    WHAT DOME WAS THIS? The Pantheon of Rome? The Hagia Sophia of Instanbul? The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem?
    Or maybe…

  4. You can vote on the hotness of T. Grace’s piggy toes at the link.

  5. If Videogum is finally getting into foot fetish coverage, I can cut my bookmarks in half!

  6. Am I the only one who didn’t know Topher is short for Christopher? I was gonna shoot myself in the face anyway, so don’t even bother…

  7. Safe to say I’m switching my blog loyalties completely over to Download That 70s Show Episodes.

    “Just consider the favorite star supporting Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential campaign. Believe me, I am not teasing. Well, that?s indeed a nice fact. If that wasn?t enough, just try and grab the next one. In 2007, he gained as much as 24 pounds for an act in one of the shows. Who could have thought that he could do such an exercise, for his role? I am impressed to say the least.”

    • He also seems to be a bit time conscious. Many a times, he can be seen wearing a watch on his right wrist. They say ?you kill the time and time will kill you.? Topher Grace certainly knows what that is all about.

      This guy’s amazing!

  8. “One thing for sure, all these big stars certainly have one thing in common. They all have done things in the past that none of us would really pay attention to.”

    What? But also, wrong. The Toph’s past exploits are treasures to be discovered. Show me the details, and for dome reason or another I’ll show you the attention.

  9. !!! What are we waiting everybody!, lets make him the 2010 Ashton Kutcher

    • Hmm, Topher seems to tweet alot about Toronto…and he is apparently really good friends with Hayden Christensen… who also tweets a lot about Toronto. But then again, the username and profile picture check out. I vote NOT FAKE!

  10. !!! What are we waiting everybody!, lets make him the 2010 Ashton Kutcher

  11. Downvotes here we go! I didnt even Submitted twice this time… Fuck

  12. All of those letters to Parade magazine are fake, right? I think this proves it.

  13. You guys, we was wearing sandals in one of the pictures of him without shoes. Although they are open toed, sandals are still shoes you guys. Still shoes.

  14. The Topher Grace Tipline is out of control! Way to go, TipMonsters, this WuwTG is REALLY REALLY good, Lots Of Love.

  15. Topher Grace – how do I begin to explain Topher Grace? Topher Grace is flawless. I hear his hair is insured for $10,000. I hear he does car commercials…in Japan. His favorite movie is Varsity Blues. One time he met John Stamos on a plane, and he told him he was pretty. One time Topher Grace punched me in the face…it was awesome.

  16. I think Heather Edwards is just a very jealous Ashton Kutcher, I’m sorry we don’t care what’s up with you

  17. I wish this feature was around when Topher was in Seattle filming “The Details” with Elizabeth Banks, because then I could have been your on-site reporter! Oh wait, that was Tobey Maquire. I seriously can’t tell those two apart.

    • Don’t worry, David Letterman can’t tell them apart either:

      Also, hiiiii Seattle monster!

      • To be fair though, Tobey’s birth name is Christobey and his friends called him Chris. And like Topher, he didn’t admire it one bit. So he actually changed his name from Christobey to Tobey.

        And in other news, Jake Gyllenhaal’s birth name is Chrisjake and his friends called him Chri-I’m done now. You get the idea.

  18. 2010 has already gone off the rails. I actually clicked through a prompt that read “And speaking of photos, here is a collection of photos of Topher Grace without any shoes on at all.” WWWILF!!!!???*

    *What Went Wrong In My Life

  19. I just wanted to tell you guys that when I was visiting family over the holidays, the conversation turned to That ’70s Show, which is basically my sister’s favorite show. I actually got to use the line, “Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?” in a totally relevant context. When everyone asked why I couldn’t stop laughing, I tried to explain. I think that made me sound crazier.

  20. sweet suncoast cameo. what, does this movie take place in like 1995? or do those things still exist and i just need to go to the mall more?

  21. At the end of the Valentine’s Day trailer when the title was being revealed in those boxes I thought for a second that ti was called “Valentine’s Potato.”
    DId that happen to anyone else?

  22. No, but what a great gift idea.

  23. That ‘Fun Facts about Topher Grace’ read like a spam email about wet teens without all the links to dick growth hormones/penis pumps.

  24. That site has a lot more pictures of actor feet. I didn’t know this was a niche.

  25. I can’t really get into this feature, either, for dome reason.

  26. You criticize Clooney and Topher’s nomination, but give no suggestions of your own. Typical, Helen Edwards.

  27. Why is that girl in the Young Americans photograph holding VHS tapes? What is a VHS? Young Americans… more like Americans Trapped in 1989 amirite???!?!

  28. i like topher (really) and im trying hard to get behind the male beauty exposed foot pics – but, ummm, aaron carter has pictures on there. FOR SHAME!

  29. Have you guys read this site? I mean besides, Topher Grace-Facts you Might Not be Knowing.
    On a reported Mila Kunis injury:
    “May be that?s a return for all those bruises that she?s been giving to the viewers in That 70?s show seasons.”
    Obviously this whole site is a botched Babel Fish translation, but there are some nuggets that transcend language barriers.

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