I honestly have not laughed this hard in a very long time.

“Self-potato?” I want to get that tattooed on my eyelids so that I can remind myself that there is joy in this world every time I close my eyes. (Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that over the break I had my brain replaced with a SCENTED CANDLE.) The only way this clip could have been better is if Wheel of Fortune followed Jeopardy formatting for responses. “What is self-potato?”

Call your LOLk broker today, you have got a big investment to make! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Nothing I write in this little box down here will be funnier than that video.

  2. well, i hope she at least walked away with some cash after embarrassing herself in front of millions of America’s grandparents.

  3. I just self potatoed all over the place from laughing so hard.

  4. The funny thing is that it wasn’t even the right answer.


  6. Let’s just be grateful they didn’t have any Saran Wrap onstage.

  7. Have you guys ever watched Wheel of Fortune? It is like this literally every day.
    We (my husband and I) watch Jeopary every night, because we are elderly nerds. We recently added the Wheel to our television line-up, because the online Jeopardy Premier Club (see? geriatric dork patrol up in here) bribed us with cash and/or prizes in a daily giveaway. It’s painful. Everyday, it hurts me. These people are dumb. Duuuuumb. I am pretty sure the entrance test weeds out anyone who would win too much money.
    So, that’s me, armchair-quarterbacking television gameshows… Yeah.

    • Here you are, elderly person, you’re apt to both enjoy and relate to this: http://www.davebarry.com/president/dave2k/columns/wheel.htm

      I would apologize for the background on that page, but it isn’t really my fault, and you’ll probably love it anyway. Please knit a casserole for me next Christmas.

      • Oh, christ. Internet strangers are sending me Dave Barry columns now. Anybody have any old Ann Landers bits you think I’d get a kick out of? Maybe that Dear Abby poem about dead pets?
        This is a watershed moment for me. I need to get out of the house, other than to go to work, where I go everyday for a million hours. I need to put my impeachin’ panties on and emerge from my home. Anybody want to babysit a 4 month old?
        That being said: Fine. That Dave Barry column was funny.

      • Knit me a casserole for Christmas is the new Have Fun at Dinner.

    • My roommate, boyfriend and I were watching it on Monday (I think) … Did you see the three marines on there who could not, for the life of them, pronounce Regis Philbin or Kelly Ripa? They’re were all like “Rebus Philbrin” and “Kelly Ripe-a.” Each one of them pronounced one name or the other wrong at least once, some of them twice! Even after all of the letters were up!

    • Yeah, yesterday the phrase was P_ _PING I_ _N (Activity), and this chick says, “Can I buy an E?” She was so dumb she ended with a zero score and was given $1000 in pity cash. I want to go on a game show where you get prizes even if you don’t know any answers!

    • My spouse and I are constantly making Jeopardy Contestants vs. Wheel of Fortune Contestants jokes (i.e. “Jesus, I was on the at&t customer service line with a serious Wheel Of Fortune Contestant for like, an hour!” or “Boy oh boy, this line for samples of energy jelly beans at T.J. MAXX is sure full of Jeopardy Contestants [sarcasm]“)

  8. I can’t help but think this woman is a big Mrs. Potato Dick fan and had one of their many hits stuck in her head while on the show… It’s an easy mistake.

  9. I honestly had no idea that recording Wheel of Fortune on my handicam every night (how ELSE would I do it?) so that my Grandma would be able to watch it would result in this level of LOL fame!

  10. Perhaps if she had answered in a confident and excited fashion, absolutely unaware of her own stupidity like most Wheel contestants, it could have been funny. Instead it was just like she threw up a little bit in her mouth, it dripped out, and she was embarrassed.

    • I agree–the poor woman looked mortified and actually said, “sorry” the second she blurted out “self potato”. I feel like if I were on tv and was given something like a simple math equation the only thing I could do is burst into tears…

  11. Not to defend Self-Potato lady or anything, but I was once on a game show and I said some pretty stupid shit. Now my game show appearance was a surprise (Cash Cab) not anything I signed up for like this lady, but that excuse only goes so far when trying to explain your nervous stupidity to friends and family.

  12. Who can blame her?
    To dream the dream of one day owning your very own potato, as opposed to needing to resort to thievery and stealing others self-potato, is what Martin Luther King was trying to make a reality I’m almost sure.

    We’ve come so far. And yet, we have so much further to self-potago.

  13. New inside joke.

    e.g. Oh man, I just self-potatoed myself so hard. I’m such a stupid lamp.

  14. Merv Griffin is smiling in his grave.

  15. This is me doing a crossword puzzle every morning (pre-coffee, of course).

    _ _ _
    Clue: Female Kangaroo
    My Guess: “She”

  16. “Thank you, ma’am. I was so tired of being the worst at this.”– Dan Quayle

  17. My favorite Wheel of Fortune clip, in which a real-life Beavis narrates FTW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzyCJHdo-a4

  18. Reading disabilities never hurt so good.

  19. Humbert Humbert still loves you, girl.

  20. What about…

    “I bet she likes to get BAKED!!”

  21. Full disclosure: I watch the wheel sometimes. It’s one of my programs. So, I actually saw this episode as it aired (jealous?). After she answers and everyone chuckles a bit, Pat Sajak says that that’s not the funniest or craziest thing he’s ever heard as a guess. There is, in a bonafide Wheel Expert’s opinion, something funnier than Self-Potato. The real hunt is on.

  22. I’ve got it beat, Euse. It was some time in the early 80s, during one of those college tournaments they always do. The clue looked something like:
    _T TAK_S ON_ TO KNO_ ON_
    And this girl spins the wheel and then triumphantly cries out “I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat! E.T. takes one to know one!”
    I laughed, and laughed.

  23. It’s an existential Mr. Potatohead

  24. I stand corrected.

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