PUTTING 2009 ON BLAST! Bangs heard this and was like, “fuck.”

Now would someone please call the brain hospital and find out what time they accept “deliveries”? (Thanks for the tip, Octavis.)

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  1. Is the auto-tune getting in the way of the poignancy of the lyrics, or is the poignancy of the lyrics getting in the way of the auto-tune?

    • I’m pretty sure I made this song on my “I am T-Pain” app on my iPod before… And did anyone else think that the beginning kinda sounded like White Horse by Taylor Swift?… Not that I listen to Taylor Swift…

  2. I bet that guy is never late! His watch is a giant and he just wears a clock around his neck all the time!

  3. Who knew lip syncing could make your upper lip so sweaty.

  4. Flav just got real.

  5. “For better, for worse/till one of us end up in a hearse”
    Flav edges out Bangs for MacArthur Fellowship 2010.

  6. Flav isn’t autotuned. The grill and the clock… he’s a cyborg! Finally he can show his true colors. Along with his various shades of Yankees apparel.

  7. I laughed out loud at the iPod speaker deck. Current! He should change his analog necklace to digital though, because in 2010 our brains tell us the time in 3D (with limited commercial interruption).

  8. Bangs feat. Flava Flav – Let Me Take You To The Brain Hospital, Shortay

  9. Imagine how you’d feel if you were the inspiration for this song!

  10. The model home open house at Flav Estates looks dope. Sorry I missed it. I hear they’re 60% sold.

  11. the flavor of success!

  12. I can’t disagree with Flav that hugging is pretty nice.

  13. This is actually just a viral ad for Prozac.

  14. Flav looks like he’s really hurting in this video. Can someone please check on him?

  15. “Flav, maybe we should keep the iPod dock behind the camera.”

    “Nah, son.”

    “Take thirteen!”

  16. “an error occurred, please try back later” – i think chuck d hacked youtube.

  17. And to think I used to dig Radiohead before this…

  18. Can we clear something up on the Bangs front? I legit think Bangs’ song was great. He’s not a native english speaker and the style and content of his rap aren’t what any non-Sudanese rap fan is used to hearing (I’m professor Sudanese rap, I know), but that song was really adorable and made me want to listen to it a number of times after it was ‘over’. This on the other hand is hardcore crap, proof that you need at least some skill to use an auto-tuner with any degree of success (protip: sing don’t talk). So what was I saying? Yeah, don’t diss on bangs and major boo flav.

  19. I was hoping for a Third Eye Blind cover, way to disappoint me Mr. Flav

  20. This is 2010, right? I thought we were leaving Auto-Tune in the aughts. :-(

  21. I thought I had heard some hot jams and dope beats. I also thought I knew a thing our two about love, romance and wearing exaggerated timepieces as accessories. I was wrong.

  22. friend and till the end is the most overused rhyme in all of music

  23. Poor Autotune program- tryin’ so hard to turn yelling into singing :( Keep it up lil’ guy.

  24. This just reminds me how much I really miss that Tom OC song.

    Damn right, it’s addictive and I will have to give it up for Lent.

  25. It may take a nation of millions to hold us back but Flav only needs one special lady.

  26. I always get depressed whenever I see just how far Chronos has fallen since Greek times.

  27. I’m not sure this can be described as music, legally.

  28. It sounds like Amy Grant has emphysema.

  29. Its like a 5 minute intro to a terrible song that never starts. I don’t know whether to thank him for that or not.

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