Well, now I know what I am giving my enemies this year! (Just kidding, I am giving my enemies nothing. You give your enemies presents? You do weird things!)

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  1. i can totally answer any questions about his terrible story arch on Degrassi.

  2. “Kevin Smith has an App that tells you this”
    - The Kevin Smith App

  3. Q: (from the article): “If you had to pick a person that was deserving of his or her own app (aside from Kevin Smith), who would it be and why?”
    A: I think we all know the A for this one.

  4. Kind of weird, I just woke up from a dream and Gabe was in it. We were eating pizza in Los Angeles and then I somehow was snowboarding Big Bear Mountain.

  5. Verne Troyer will be so sad.

  6. The only thing that keeps me from completely disliking Kevin Smith is his dapper fashion sense; if I’d never seen him wearing gigantic FUBU jerseys and jean shorts down to his ankles I don’t know who else might have influenced my wardrobe to make it look the way it does today! (lying)

  7. You don’t know me.

  8. I’m still waiting for the Michael Bay and Uwe Boll apps.

  9. i think this sums up my opinions on all things of, or relating to, the the apple

  10. I like Kevin Smith… is that allowed? That said, I don’t need this app. I get all my Kevin Smith trivia from SModcast.

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