Obviously, I don’t read the New York Times wedding announcements, because I’m a MAN, so I am immune to the CHARMING STORIES and LOVABLE ANECDOTES of people who LOVE and CHERISH each other. But this one is pretty good. I always cry at a photobomb. Someone sent it to me, probably. I am sure that there is no way that I saw this at brunch yesterday while I was reading the actual “Vows” section over eggs and mimosas and pointed this out to a friend. Impossible. If that were true, then I would know that the main Vow of the week featured two charming nerds who had been off and on for 20 years and had their wedding celebration at an orphanage in Calcutta, and since I almost certainly don’t know that, since those words mean nothing to me and don’t warm my heart (what heart?), then it is clear to you and everyone else that this was clearly sent to me by someone else, someone who does read the Vows section, probably a woman, or a man with very little upper-body strength. In any case, congratulations (am I doing this right?) to Jessie Fuller and Buck Rodgers (really? Buck Rodgers?) on their love and also their wedding and also their loose connection to a celebrity. To quote a friend, “the only good thing to come out of What Happens in Rome.” You can watch their Vows video, also featuring Ferrell, here. And you can click through to enlarge here.

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  1. will ferrell is no michael cera. buck rodgers on the other hand…

  2. 40 years late to the party

  3. omg the wife in the Calcutta wedding is fucking gorgeous! He should have locked that down years ago. /shallowgum

  4. In the Calcutta video, I can’t believe that caucazoid is photobombing the Old Wailing woman, the little girl in the yellow shirt, and that little treat in the white dress.

    Oh… wait, what?

  5. Ha. I saw this over the weekend and immediately thought ?videogum?

  6. What heart? This heart:

    Consider your cockles cooked.

  7. this cameo > cameo in The Goods

  8. I hope this couple cherishes this photobomb forever.

  9. Teenaged baby me used to daydream about what my times wedding announcement would look like (I know, I know I’m such a SexOnTheCity! go ahead and judge me!!!). Usually I and my hypothetical fiancé met and fell in love while saving the rainforests, and in our photo we are curiously posed in front of an airplane, wearing amelia earhart clothes. I must concede, a simple Will Ferrell photobomb? far more excellent.

  10. They worked together on a couple of dicks… That’s true love, folks.

  11. I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger.

  12. It takes balls to photobomb someone at a Sears portrait studio.

  13. “Peyton Brodnax DeWitt” The poor boy was pretty much doomed to be Buck Rodgers from birth, unless he wanted to get beaten up by everyone. I’m sure these are all time-honored family names, but really, none of his ancestors were named James?

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  15. the funniest part of the video is when the guy does an impression of his wife saying ‘you can call me jessy’ or whatever, and he just makes his voice sound kind of high pitched and slightly retarded.

  16. There’s a Buckminster Fuller joke here somewhere but I can’t quite get to it.

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