Hahahaha! What a piece of garbage! I don’t think this “game” (fun game, guys!) is even out yet, and people are already making room in their Crap We Never Use Storage Space. (Although I’m putting an unopened, mint condition copy directly into my LOLk deposit box.) “Finally! Now you can impress your friends by being one of TWO DIFFERENT characters in ONE ICONIC SCENE from a movie that came out 17,000 YEARS AGO!” Super fun, I’m sure. You know how kids these days are just constantly reciting their favorite lines from Beverly Hills Cop and you’re like “Enough with the Beverly Hills Cop already!” and they’re like “I just wish there was a way that I could MacPaint myself into a scene from Beverly Hills Cop and put that awful thing on Friendster.” Oh, kids these days. Speaking of kids: I can seriously already hear our future spacegrandkids making so much fun of us for this. “You had a what, grandpa? It did what? Uh oh, grandpa, sounds like you forgot to download your medicine again. Mom, I think grandpa needs to be taken to the hover hospital again!” They are going to feel the same way seeing this that I feel when I see this. “The world used to be so stupid, I am actually kind of glad that it’s covered in water. Who wants a cool refreshing glass of potable re-filtered sun urine?”

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  1. We are all Brandon Hardesty

  2. Now when I yell at people in a hospital, I can just say I was practicing for the Shirley Maclaine-in-Terms-of-Endearment level of Yoostar.

  3. My friends would totally be impressed if I played 2 different characters from one iconic scene, though in that scene I would also be playing my friends.

  4. Just watching the ad for the Swing Wing made my neck hurt. That thing was invented by chiropractors, right?

  5. This commercial makes a lot more sense if you imagine it was made in 2000 and just time traveled to now.

  6. “I’ll be The Terminator”

    If this advert is correct then you should be physically wetting yourself at how funny my above quote was. The mere idea of that I could quote from the film The Terminator is so hilarious that I can barely stand from laughing so much.

    • And on the subject of James “The Terminator” Cameron, Avatar is actually out and yet it’s not at #1 in the IMDb Top 250 yet. Are the internet fanboys just slow today or something? Was the film so mindblowingly awesome that they can’t bring themselves to give it anything less than 11?

  7. Great… Another way for my Facebook friends to be annoying. If only they could incorporate Farmville into this game.

  8. Video(game) Professor over here. Am I doing this right?
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  9. Wait. Does it come with the green screen? If it doesn’t, then I do not want. I actually do not want it either way.

    • According to their website, “The Yoostar system ($169.95 MSRP) includes a studio-grade web cam, portable green screen and stand, remote control, 12 movie scenes and 2 bonus scenes.” Fantastic!

  10. I hope Wild Hogs is on there.

  11. This looks too complicated to be fun at parties! I will just stick with Cranium, thank you very much.

  12. OK I just looked this up on Amazon. Here it is

    It’s $160.99!!!! Yeah that’s $160.99 to do quotes from films. Thank goodness this decade brought an end to world hunger and poverty or this might seem wrong.

  13. This is does have potential for providing some YouTube entertainment as far as people using it in way not intended by the “game” makers – a la Microsoft Songsmith.


  15. Great, now I have to update my amazon wish list.

  16. No, thanks. I’d rather just get drunk and quote films solitary.

  17. Finally, I can have dinner with Andre!

  18. The most important thing about YooStar is the fact that SNOOP DOGG has done a bunch of these.

    Snoop Dogg in Being John Malkovich

    Snoop Dogg as The Cookie Monster

    Snoop Dogg as Jason Voorhees

    I want to see Snoop Dogg as Doctor Dre in Training Day.

    • The cookie monster one is kind of adorable actually. It’s so funny how the same guy that can ask Hugh Hefner if he ever gets bored and wants to fuck a fat ugly chick could be so genuinely kid friendly.

  19. Forget about it Jake, it’s Greenscreentown.

  20. The only thing that would make this worthwhile would be the greenscreen it comes with.

    But: A) That would make the rest of this ridiculous toy a waste, and B) I can buy a greenscreen on eBay cheaper.

  21. This’ll be huge in Japan. Calling it right now.

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