Date: December 17, 2009
Time: Unknown
Location: Cable/Internet
Source: MTVU
Description: In new music video, artist Rihanna claims to be “so hard” while constantly making hand gestures towards crotch and grabbing said crotch. To be “so hard” is not in itself a TWSS, but considering certain accusations against artist Rihanna, combination of words and visuals may have been ill-chosen. Note: Semantically, may be less of a TWSS and more of a TWHS. Note for historical purposes only: decision to feature imagery of an imaginary, clownish Felt-Shouldered Sex War at a time when world is engaged in more than one Actual War may have been almost as unwise as “hard”-crotch decision. FILE UNDER: Possible TWHS.

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  1. That set of tags is a fucking Freudian nightmare.

  2. Your honor, someone asked if the defendant did it on a Yahoo answers page. I rest my case.

    Though, for realies, has she ever denied having a penis/won a MTV Most Female Moonman? Just an observation.

  3. Team Yahoo! Answers makes team Youtube Commenters seem like geniuses.

  4. Guys. I think I can see into the future. I swear I saw this video a couple of weeks ago, but it appears that it was just released. I remember thinking “Well that is an odd gesture to make while saying the word ‘hard’ as a supposed ‘woman’ “.That’s exactly what I thought. When I was in the future.

  5. I dropped a TWSS remark at work today. reminder: do not make twss remarks at work.

  6. That Rihanna Rain just don’t let up. Make sure you throw your Rihanna umbrella into your beep beep beep before you drive somewhere so hard.

  7. For 2010, can we replace TWSS with pretending everything is an unorthodox sex act? For instance, any phrase can be added into this sentence for comic effect: “He totally tried to do the ________, but I said, ‘No way.’” It’s just as unfunny as TWSS, but at least it’s something slightly different. Change, people.

  8. at 2:11, is that a “Chris Brown beat me AND has a small dick” gesture?

  9. Oh man, I was JUST gonna submit this video as a tip and then make this joke in the comments (dirty minds think alike?). Shoulda known Gabe’s blogging reign wouldn’t let up. :(

  10. Where the Bloggers at? Big Ups to Gabe for makin the shoutout track on riri’s new song.

    And who handled wadrobe?


  11. Can’t wait for the Lady Gaga callabo/remix “Sword Fight”.

  12. TWHS? Tommy Wiseau High School?

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