[In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

Yesterday morning, posting was light because I had been asked to participate in a panel discussion. It was sort of a strange event. The goal was to help the publicity departments of a few famous TV stations understand better how to reach the Internet. There were four of us on the panel, talking to about two dozen people. It was weird for a couple of reasons. For one reason: why am I basically doing your job for free? Don’t get me wrong, the complimentary yogurt and muffins where delicious, but unfortunately, my landlord does not accept pastry as payment. It would be one thing if it had been a panel discussion about something fun and interesting, but it was a panel discussion about marketing, basically. Woof. Also, the panel moderator zinged me! Like, he introduced two of the other panelists, who were successful CEOs and Fat Cats or whatever, and then he introduced me, and then he was like “we tried to get all kinds of people on the panel today.” OH THANK YOU, SIR, I KNOW A ZING WHEN I HEAR ONE. But that is fine. Everyone gets zinged from time to time. Besides, he was nice enough after the event, after I had BLOWN EVERYONE’S MINDS with my THOUGHTS ABOUT BANNER ADS, or something. My one hope has always been that I can help at least one publicist get the word out there about their awful new reality show.

The weird thing is that when they opened the floor to questions, not a single person asked me about Topher Grace. Weird. What’s even the point of having a panel discussion if you’re not going to discuss what matters? And they certainly did not ask the most important question about Topher Grace: what is up with him?

Topher Grace sighting! From Greenwich Time:

Actor and Darien native Topher Grace (“That ’70s Show,” “Spider-Man 3″) was seen recently having dinner at Lucky’s Classic Burger & Malt Shop on Bedford Street in Stamford.

I wonder what he ate? Well, we have to respect his privacy.

Oh, this is exciting: Topher made livejournal user danni_nik’s Sexy Guys List! AWESOME! He is number 7. That’s not bad. Do you know how many guys there are in the world? There are millions.

A blog called Homotography (neat name!) has put up a bunch of high quality scans of photos of our man with some elephants, taken by Yu Tsai for Flaunt magazine. This one’s my favorite:

Topher’s like “What? You have got to be kidding me! No way.”

Now, this isn’t exactly news to anyone who knows anything, but Topher got a pretty nice mention in an Ain’t It Cool News post about Hobbit casting rumors (Hobbit casting rumors! Some of the most interesting and important rumors!). Just to catch people up to speed, it is rumored that Tobey Maguire might play Mr. Hobbit:

I sure hope this doesn’t pan out. Topher Grace wiped the floor with Tobey in SPIDER-MAN 3 and clearly, painfully proved that Maguire is becoming too damn sleepy to anchor big pieces of this nature.

Personally, I have NO OFFICIAL POSITION on whether or not Tobey Maguire is talented enough to portray the infamous character of Mr. Hobbit, and I am not really sure how sleepy he is, but thank you, Ain’t It Cool News, for recognizing one of our nation’s Finest Talents. This news is very cool.

Of course, any respectable news source knows that if you can’t find interesting news, CREATE IT. Which is why one of the most interesting things going on with Topher these days is this brand new email address for Topher Tips:

Send them in! Let’s find out what is up with this guy! And congratulations to Topher on this exciting development about him.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication

And there you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. See you next time!

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  1. This feature is starting to make me feel bad for Topher Grace, even though I have no reason to be sad. He gets to go to diners that serve milshakes and be sexy.

  2. Remember the way Justin Long wiped the floor with Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard, everybody? I would compare what happened in The Spider Men 3 to that.

  3. Are you calling the pizza party a “panel about marketing” because only two dozen + 4 people showed up and no one wanted to ask you questions?

  4. i misread that as “Maguire is becoming too damn sleepy to anchor big pieces of this manure.”
    actually, i guess that’s about right.

  5. You just upped the amount of people who have Topher Grace Google Alerts from 2 to infinity.

  6. photo gallery

  7. “If I’m too cool for the sunset then I’m definitely way too cool for the elephant” – Topher Grace [citation needed]

  8. Has anyone else considered starting a phony livejournal just to spread libelous rumors about Topher Grace, which will set off Gabe’s google alert and be included in everyone’s favorite Videogum feature? “According to, Toph was spotted at a Glendale, California Build-a-Bear Workshop, throwing a drug-fueled tantrum at the store’s refusal to add genitalia to his new fuzzy friend.” Something like that?

  9. Maybe if Videogum FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER, you’d have known that a kid playing the organ at my school’s church on Sunday night looked JUST like the Toph. But no, now this post will forever lack that tidbit of marginally Topher-related happenings.

  10. and one…

  11. If Topher Grace were a milkshake (and let’s face it, he basically is) what flavour would he be (what flavour milkshake is he already)?

  12. That reminds me, I saw a picture of him that was taken by Terry Richardson. Has anyone seen this photo? Because it is gross.

    I don’t want to think of little Topher Grace fucking anyone, let alone with a rape-beard and for some reason still wearing his ill-fitting tuxedo. What is happening in this picture?

  13. i was secretly hoping topher grace would make a surprise appearance at the pizza party. (not that i was able to go myself. maybe, like me, topher spent the night reading LOST spoilers.)

  14. LOLOLOL my mom just asked me what I was laughing at and I told her “Topher Grace” (and laughing WITH obviously, I would never laugh at him) and she said, “what? terrific rice?”

  15. The Ain’t it Cool News pizza party was last night, too:

  16. Half the time I literally can’t tell the difference between Topher Grace and Tobey Maquire. It doesn’t help that they have similar names, but do they have to have similar faces too?

  17. i’m a bitch i’m a lover i’m a child i’m a topher grace.

  18. How come no one has put a pic or gif up of Topher Grace in his Domino’s Delivery outfit. He’s in those commercials, right?

  19. Here is a true story of what was up with Topher Grace when he was a child attending a birthday party that I was also attending: He was being mocked by the other boys all afternoon and finally he had enough and he stood up on a chair and put his hands on his hips, Peter Pan-style, and yelled, “I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO LIKE ME!”

  20. So this is Tobey Maguire in Spiderman III
    sleeping spider

  21. Yep. As Jon Brennan said to Beth Stolarczyk, “TRUE STORY!”

  22. It is embarassing to be caught by a coworker reading an article titled “Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?”

  23. Hooray for my newfound (imagined!) fame as a Toper-Tipster!


    In other news, Topher Cameos In Book?

    • Fantastic job Kim.
      In other Topher news, the trailer for the film Valentine’s Day (in which our main man has a role!) is out and its ashtonkuther+georgelopezXromcomTASTIC.

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