Oh man, you guys. What a great pizza party! “Huge success!” (Borat). Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a fun night. Of course, it would have been great if everyone who wanted to be there could have been there, but hopefully we will do another one some day, because it really was a good time, and I hope that the people who were able to make it agree with me about that. Thanks again to Two Boots pizza for all of the delicious pizza (Yum! Pizza!) and thank you to Cole and Heathers Bar for letting us use your bar and also for drink specials that helped to deal with some of the initial awkwardness. Thanks to @gabeliedman, @joemande, @julieklausner, and @lindsayism for showing up. Thank you to commenter Dafs for the very friendly phone call placed to the bar wishing everyone a happy time, it was only a little bit creepy that you did that! And double-thanks to commenter PracticallyInformation who could not make it but still managed to mail us some Twilight: New Moon party plates to eat off of. We had a photographer there at the beginning of the night (thank you, Ryan), but he had to leave to photograph Usher or something, so there are obviously lots of people who are not represented in this gallery, but each of them is thanked and appreciated. I am sure that I am missing some exciting detail from the night, so feel free to improve upon my reporting. I am not a journalist, and I have never claimed to be a journalist. I’m just a guy who loves pizza and having so much fun.

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  1. I kept trying to think of a joke to say here, but honestly this is just so great! Yay 4 awesome people!

  2. I tried calling Heathers myself but apparently too late. :-/ I guess the “no eating pizza after midnight” applies to ALL monsters, not just mogwais.

  3. Get it? Mwahahaha. This probably is going to amuse me more than anyone else.

  4. Totes jealous I wasn’t there! :-( Next year, let’s have the pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese for us baby monsters.

  5. Perhaps the best-looking group of monsters anyone will ever see.

  6. That was fun. But today is hangovergum.

  7. Will someone who was there please point out Kenny Powers?

  8. Needs more photobombing. Michael Cera style. Why doesn’t Michael Cera read the ‘gum?!?!?

  9. My favorite thing is that DJ Amrit’s name is almost “DJ AMIRITE?”

  10. you guys all look like I imagined; good looking adults with jobs that make money.

  11. not to rub it in (but a little to rub it in) I’m wearing the shit out of my videogum tshirt today.
    TL – autoupvote

  12. you guys rule.

  13. woozefa  |   Posted on Dec 16th, 2009 +35

    i totally was there, i just lurked around outside because i get nervous and gassy.

  14. hahaha, i was totally having a much better time than it looks like i was in photo 7.

  15. I wasnt there early enough for pizza or pictures (You guys need to learn pizza- Gabe’s live post), but I did check off many things form my to do list!

    Awkward conversation with Gabe
    Awkward conversation with Lindsay
    Awkward conversation with Lizzing
    Awkward conversation with Televangelina Lansbury
    Awkward conversation with Adgied
    IRL Spamming people with business cards from my website.

    successful night!

    Had a great time, thanks everyone for organizing.

  16. Many drink specials later, I put mine on:

    THANKS GABE! Nice meeting you, fellow monsters!
    • joefry and i figured out we know eachother IRL. that’s weird, right? i mean cool. did anyone else do that last night???

      it’s kind of like when you see someone in your therapist’s waiting room, and you’re like… so.. what’s up?….

  17. Stupid adults having fun with their Twilight plates and alcohol. But for real I’m super jealous of you guys. Next year I’ll definitely be there with my shoelaces tied all by myself and eating pizza with my permanent teeth.

  18. I take it there was no suprise appearance by Mr. Grace? Disappointing.

  19. I went and then i was all wait, where did all these secret Monster babes come from?! I thought everyone was all Starflower
    like me

  20. I would have gotten escorted out by security.

  21. Man, looking at all these pictures makes me wish I had woken up at six in the morning and driven the 11 hours and 16 minutes required to get to Heathers (fashionably late of course).

    I’m kidding. Let’s hear it for phone calls from nowhere!

  22. The guy with the Christmas hats in pic 15 IS a Monster. That’s Coolforsale.

  23. I would craft something witty, but really, I just want to say it was super nice to meet Lindsay and Gabe, who were themselves super nice! And that I love this community, and even though I didn’t talk to a lot of people, it was cool just to be in a room with the rest of you guys. A lot of the Internet sucks, but you’re all really bright and respectful and funny, and I love being a part of this group.
    See you at the two-year anniversary!

  24. So did any inter-monster romances develop? Were there Videogum-themed pickup lines? “I wanna upvote your face”? “Let’s go back to my place and monster’s ball”?

  25. This is how I felt all night long knowing that I wouldnt couldnt be there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh_9QhRzJEs . Sorry for the old reference, Im from Mexico, movies get here pretty late

  26. my offer still stands for a videogum mardi gras party. new orleans is february is 1000x better than new york in february.

  27. Aww, the New Moon plates were a perfect touch.

    Really unfortunate I had to miss this, but I will definitely make it out if you guys do another one of these. Or even just regular non-Twilight pizza party social gatherings.

  28. Thank you to Gabe and Scott! What a fun good night. Highlights include:
    Meeting Gabe and Lindsay.

    Hanging out with fellow commenters. You guys are awesome! But I did not meet a lot! Many many lurkers, what’s up with that?

    Free videogum tshirt for being early!

    Nicest thing anyone said to me all night:
    ?I thought you were a dude.?

    Since I did not get roofied, I’d say the night was a success. Or a total failure depending on your stance on roofies.

  29. Everyone looks really nice and earnest. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see this post.

  30. But how do we know those are actual videogum readers and not just friends of Gabe’s grandson who were told there’d be free pizza and cheap alcohol?

  31. The guy who’s face is cut off by Soft Gabe’s head in picture 14 looks like this guy I did some plays with in high school. It might actually be him…
    BUT ANYWAY… looks like a fun/awkward time, you guys!

  32. Congrats, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun at prom!

  33. So last night I ended up not studying at all, so I totes could have gone. But it all night was spent convincing myself that I was going to start studying in five minutes.

  34. The parole board didn’t think the Pizza Party was reason enough for early release, gang.
    See ya in 2011!

  35. My favorite topic of conversation last night was how being a videogum commenter is sometimes like having British friends: You’re secretly nervous about not being witty enough.

    As a result, there were a lot of people there who are too shy to comment here. But, oddly, not too shy to show up IRL for free pizza. Nice to meet you, lurkers!

    • now i know why i couldnt place your avatar, it’s because even though you told me what it was last night i still have no idea what it is. you say it’s a horse? but to me it looks like something from the dark crystal which i refuse to think about due to still being really scared of that movie.

    • I signed up five days ago after a akward spur of confidence. My first comment recieved a -4. I would not cut it in England. I worry about being not witty enough. Shouldn’t i be lurkng?

  36. this was so much fun!

  37. Very impressed by the general attractive of the board members.

    Very depressed that I live in Australia, and am unavailable to hook up with all the fly honeys. *PAH!*

  38. Can the next thing be going to the movies or something less awkward conversation and more yuk-yuk!?

  39. This might be the first time I’m jealous of New Yorkers (not counting the fact that they have access to superior pastrami).

    • I only realised on a trip to New York this summer that pastrami is actually the same thing as smoked meat? Americans are weird! And that said, as a loyal Canadian and professor food over here, Montreal definitely has superior smoked meat.

  40. I’m so hard right now!

  41. Can you fly all of us in for the next one?

  42. Aww man, I was hoping there wouldn’t be a pizza party post, I feel bad enough that I missed it( even though I’m not popular on this website really, I try).

  43. I like that the monster’s appear to be an equal mix of men and women and of white people and jews.

  44. k, hope this don’t freak y’all out, but i had a big goofy grin looking at these pics :)
    def. a success. although a few these could be sent here:
    juss sayin’

  45. I would of stuck out like a sore Mexican!

  46. Man, this is sad, pretty sure I’m making a plan to fly to NYC for this next year. I wonder how many monsters (and lurkers) live in Austin, TX. We should just have our own pizza* party here, who’s with me?

    *There will probably be no pizza

  47. i’m so bummed. *so bummed* i mean, i would have loved a free t-shirt!
    and to meet people i guess? no, it looked fun. So fun! So…fun… *takes another slurp from my sad, bitter soda* I’m lactose intolerant anyway. Nah, next time, right?

  48. jed likes it!

  49. So, I’m a lurker, but I feel like I have to say this: I know that we are all on a similar intellectual page and that our humor needn’t be explained, but until I saw these pictures, I honestly did think that Gabe was appx. 55-60 years old. Like, at first, I knew it was a joke, but then, at some point I got convinced that it wasn’t, and I was all, we should all be so lucky as to have a culturally relevant website when we are 60! Punk’dgum!

  50. I will wait for werttrew to meticulously tag each monster in every picture.

  51. Seriousgum: I wish I could have attended. Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves. Congrats, monsters, on a successful pizza party! Maybe next time!

  52. This looks like it was great fun. Who’s organizing one in DC? I do not volunteer myself.

  53. I too share the feelings of sad left-outness from afar.

    I like the way Gabe keeps flashing the Official Sign for Videogum (the V behind/above someone’s head – Like a videoidea)

  54. When I drink, I spit while talking. Not just drops of spittle, but geysers of saliva. That’s why I didn’t attend. You’re welcome.

    Seriously, I would’ve loved to go, but you need a friggin’ passport to cross the Canada/U.S. border nowadays. A passport AND a clean record. As IF….

  55. I just wish I knew Rich Fo’ Fo’ was gonna be there. I would have traveled from Boston just to see him in the flesh (and, you know, make him my boyfriend forever)

  56. I want to know who got the inappropriately drunkest. Surely someone?

  57. I was just thinking earlier today about how I’ve been reading Gabe since he was Worker #3116 over at Corporate Casual and how awesome it would be if I could meet up with all you guys. Then, I was reminded that the pizza party was last night with this jealousy inducing post and I started to cry.

    : (

    Next time let’s have a pizza party in Wisconsin!!

  58. As soon as I saw the large picture in the main post, I could tell that was Rich in the background! Wish I had known he would be there!

    • I thought so too! But the face looked a little thin to be Rich 4/4. Maybe this picture needed extra compression to fit all those monsters in the frame.

      ( If Twilight has taught me anything, it’s that monsters really can be beautiful.)

    • That’s not Rich BUT I talked to him for a few minutes and he was as genuine and friendly as you’d think he would be. The same goes for pretty much everyone I met. Way to drumline, monsters!

  59. ugh, I moved from Brooklyn to Chicago two years ago and this is the most I’ve ever regretted it (related: it got down to like 9°F here last night).
    But I’m happy just to dance with you.

  60. Because of the way the IMs used to linebreak in Friday Fights…
    >no Lindsay
    >hate is not the answer
    …I always pictured Gabe as a 300 pound man who had just run up a flight of stairs to make a point and was totally surprised when he was less than 300 pounds/suffered from climacophobia. Congratulations to everyone!

  61. so which monsters made out with each other? because that’s what happens at internet meetups, right?

  62. Do we have to wait a whole year to have another pizza party? I rsvp’d YES, but then couldn’t make it! Please let there be one in January/February to combat the winter doldrums. I would like to meet monsters!!

  63. I believe I was perhaps in the drunker/drunk category. I just created a user name to respond! There were probably a few things, but the main one was probably browbeating our hosts…

    And on a Tuesday no less! Where is my shame?

  64. Definitely not. You’re funny and I’ve upvoted you more than a few tines. Keep at it.


  66. everyone is hot. apparently we need a videogum hook-up pizza party. or a videogum online dating site!

  67. I’m so glad I didn’t end up blinking in my photo!–phew Thanks again, Gabe, it was a blast!

  68. Short-time lurker here, but as I have had several adult beverages this evening, just wanted to say that this Monster Gathering looked like great fun and made me sad that I am stuck Down South and unable to enjoy pizza and adult beverages with such a fine-looking and witty group as yourselves.

  69. I really want to hang out with Amrit now. He looks like a cool guy.

  70. I’ve been prowling/lurking since April ’08 and it brough an E-tear to my I-face to think of how far Videogum has come. Like a proud papa who actually has zero responsibility for the child but can share in their success. Thanks Gabe and Great Job Monsters! AND HI LINDSAY, WE LOVE YOU!

  71. I know I’m not the only one in Seattle. We have some interesting technology over here, we can also post the pictures and not give out names. Come on Seattle monsters (who probably live on Capitol Hill), let’s do it.

  72. I really hope that monsters in other areas get their Pizza Party on. Monster Parties are pretty much what the world needs at the moment.
    NZ monsters, let me hear you. There must be at least one more.

  73. Consider me chuffed at my first-ever Videogum upvote!

  74. I’m one of the luker-noncommenters hanging out in the back (literally) of those photos. Finally created a name so I could like less of a creep-monster the next time one these things rolls around.
    I apologize for how out of control my face is in photos 7 and 15 (also, OH MAN, THAT GUY) but I had a really good time chatting with Gabe (who came over and talked to us, swell fella!) and Lizzing and RB and others whom I was by then too drunk to really remember.

  75. Apparently I’m still a little tipsy from last night because it took me entirely too long to notice I am front and sort of center in that first pic. You best believe I’m bragging to my IRL monster friends.

  76. It’s true there were a lot of lurkers there (myself included (even put it on my nametag, like a doof), though now I’m actually commenting! and it’s a little bit scary!), but if the Videogum Pizza Party has turned even a handful of lurkers into commenters, then we have all won. We basically cancel out Jersey Shore in some kind of cosmic balance.
    We are all Videogum Pizza Party.

  77. what clean and attractive monsters. not that i’m surprised… i think it’s time for videogum to open a bar in NYC where the monsters could hang/visit when they’re in the city. because running a pop culture website is the logical first step to bar ownership/operations.

  78. Geography kept me from going to the party. SADNESS! Instead I had awkward conversations at home, by myself as video pizza party played in the background. Then I cried thousands of e-tears on my Twilight pillow case until I fell asleep. THANKS A LOT GEOGRAPHY!

  79. Oooooooooh! Me! I’ll go! I’m actually from College Station, but I’ll take any opportunity to drive to Austin. Because I live in College Station. Ack.

  80. I can’t help but point out Scott looks like Rojo Caliente in his picture with Peggy Wang (swoon).

  81. ZOMG ZOMG! i live right next to salvation pizza and am throwing a party that evening. i think i want to go to this instead though.

  82. I went to this and lurked irl. I’m sorry I didn’t say hi ANYBODY.

  83. It’s weird that everyone is identifying their places of IRL residence and no one lives in Boston. Am I the only person in this city? I almost just said that aloud, because I am in an EMPTY computer lab. It’s a little creepy, now that I’m thinking about it.

  84. Guy with the hat in picture 2: YOUR CARDIGAN. I feel like I want to know you.

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