Now that mash-ups have become so common as to be boring, one can forget just how good mash-ups can actually be. For example this mash-up of Pixar’s Up and Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino. Now THAT is what I call a mash-up!

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  1. This videogum post has been up for almost a half hour with no comments, and I know why! Everyone’s off getting ready for the Pizza Party tonight while I’m stuck in Seattle trying to look busy at work. :[ Have fun tonight, you lucky east coast monsters! I’ll be home asking random internet people on my time zone if they want to meet up and hoping I don’t run into Chris Hanson.

    • This reminds me of high school( well, not really “reminds” considering I’m still in high school) when all the cool kids would have a big party and I’d be at home watching the Jersey Shore instead.

    • Rasie your hands if you want to take overthis thread for our own party! *scans living room* looks like a majority! I’m kicking this thing of with a Gif i found fo Gabe when he was 12

      Animated Gifs

  2. My favs mashup ever!

  3. I was so excited for the pizza party that I put on my skinniest tie.

    And then I remembered that I live in Omaha. Midwest Monsters, MAKE SOME NOISE!

  4. I am absolutely serious when I say I came up with this in June. However, this guy actually did something with it, and I told my friends and they thought it was kind of funny but not great.

    • For a second, I forgot this was a real post and not just a forum for complaining about not getting to go to the pizza party. I had to scroll up to see what you were talking about. Way to actually stay on track! :]

  5. Money says Gabe stands everyone up and spends his Pizza money at the Quarter Arcade playing Tekken 2

  6. YOU’RE TAKING ALL OF MY DOWNVOTES! Oh, wait, good idea.

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