Oh no! Grizz from 30 Rock needs a kidney. I Twittered about this yesterday, but it seems worth another mention now that there is a photo of Grizz with Dr. Oz! Dr. Oz, give Grizz your kidneys!

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  1. Doc Oz looks just about the size of one of Grizz’s kidneys. First human-as-kidney transplant?!

  2. I think the next Videogum Everywhere mission should be to get tested to see if any of us is a match.

  3. first richard dunn needs my bones and now grizz needs my kidney. being a TV fan is full of sacrifice.

  4. This is so coincidentally that is almost ironic.

    Stay strong Grizz

  5. Can’t Tracy Morgan just buy him one?

  6. I gotta think Dr. Spaceman would be the wrong choice for this operation

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