[In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

As you may have read yesterday, Videogum is looking for an intern for next semester. Now, let’s all be honest with each other like a group of adults for a second: internships are internships. We would all like to be CEO of Planet Hollywood the summer after our junior year of college, but that is very rare. Only one or two college students are made CEO of Planet Hollywood each summer, and those spots usually go to the graduating seniors, so you are much more likely to be the Regional District Manager of Wing Sauce for Planet Hollywood and have to work your way up to CEO like everyone else. It’s not that bad. You just write yourself a check for being CEO of an outdated novelty franchise restaurant and postdate it for your 22nd birthday and wait for fate to take its course. It’s called The Jim Carrey Secret, and it’s hilarious. My point is that a Videogum internship is going to be like a lot of internships: some fun mixed with some not as fun. It is the life of an intern, jump into the life of an intern. Please send resumes and a writing sample to One thing that you will almost certainly be doing each week is searching the Internet for and pulling exciting Topher Grace news and updates, for college credit! You are starting to see what this guy is talking about.

But for now, when you are wondering what is up with Topher Grace and you come to the Internet’s premiere resource for Topher Grace news and updates, you can trust everything has been compiled by a TOTAL PRO.

So what is up with him?

With 2009 drawing to a close, I’m sure that we’re going to be seeing this column virtually overrun with links to various important critics’ and tastemakers’ Favorite Actors of the Decade lists. But while David Edelstein is busy working on where exactly in the Top 2 to place Topher Grace, let’s talk about what’s actually going on with Big T Money.

He was in Texas recently! A lucky young blogger named Marathon Amy had a Topher sighting IRL (jealous!):

So this guy calls in to say that he has a party of 5 coming in blah blah blah. He was mildly rude, which is not uncommon. So a little while later in comes this party of 5. So I tell them the wait, 20-30 minutes and they are like oh…..well we’re just gonna go to Vespaio then. That’s when I peer around at everyone in the group and suddenly I realize……there stands THE Topher Grace. I had not even NOTICED HIM. And then……they all quietly filed out of the restaurant. *swoon*

Topher walked into a restaurant in Austin with a group of people, and then upon hearing that there was a wait, he walked right back out of that restaurant. NOW THAT IS THE LIFE!

Meanwhile, here’s a blast from T-G-Boz’s past: the blog I Am Not A Stalker did a set visit to the JMJ Ranch from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (starring Topher Grace, and Josh Duhamel, in that order). It is true that the JMJ Ranch was definitely a location. Check out these side by side images.

Yup. Pretty neat.

Speaking of photos: a photo of Topher from his 2004 film In Good Company was used in an article by A.O. Scott in this Sunday’s New York Times! Looks like we can officially add A.O. Scott to the club! Or at least the Photo Editor of the New York Times. Hello and welcome!

Videogum reader Andrew informs us that his “roommate’s cousin” has begun a YouTube channel dedicated to “Topher Grace Challenges,” including videos like this one:

First of all, I typed “Andrew’s roommate’s cousin” into Snopes and it didn’t have any results, so I am pretty sure that person is an urban legend. And even if that person did exist, this seems like has a lot more to do with what is up with Andrew’s roommate’s cousin than what is up with Topher, who is BUSY being A STAR. But I figured I would post it here for Dr. Giggles.

Meanwhile, a celebrity gossip website called The Insider has a photo of Minka Kelly with the headline “MINKA KELLY DATING TOPHER GRACE. MAYBE.” But then the photo is just of Minka Kelly? And Topher Grace is nowhere to be seen? And there is no other text accompanying the photo? And no one else is talking about this? So, pretty exciting news guys: TOPHER GRACE IS DATING MINKA KELLY! Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, CAN Love!

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication

And there you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. See you next time!

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  1. When I saw the pic from Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, I was hoping it was going to coincide with an announcement that Win a Date With Tad Hamilton was returning to IMAX Theaters for a limited holiday season run. And then approximately NONE of that happened.

  2. What’s gonna happen to this weekly segment when That ’70s Show is no longer the #1 most popular show in syndication. I know thats not gonna happen for a long time cos but I want to be reading this weekly blog into my old age and the American re-run watching audience is fickle.

    • Ben, you’re asking all the wrong questions. The questions you should be asking is: After 2070 and after the long and successful run of the new That 70s Show starring Tophey, and at the beginning of the new That 70s Show’s long and fruitful syndication run, what will Gabe write at the end of these weekly installments? Will he write “And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication” followed by another “And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication”? Or will Gabe use his handheld time machine to go back in time to a 2005 pool party at which DJ Danny Masterson is (what else?) DJing and ask him what he thinks?

  3. SO MUCH wonderful news this week! He’s been so busy!


  5. So I got followed today on twitter by this person:
    Hot chick in the profile, following exactly 1000 people, getting followed by less than a hundred, a few random observations. Spambot. Obviously. But WHAT’S THIS? Her first tweet is:
    “That 70s show was hilarious”
    Okay, so not quite “Topher Grace his hilarious,” but I’ll give you this one, spambot. I’ll follow you for now. Until you spam me.

    • It’s depressing when someone who seems like an actual person follows you, then they throw out a “hey i got sucha good deal on underwears”

      • I may get myself a twitter account just to build up followers and then randomly advertise things so people think I’m a spambot. Have to work the turing test from the opposite side.

    • Another tweet of hers is “What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh Hahahaha xD” which is the EXACT same joke the drunk old man who hangs out in a truck in front of my elderly neighbor’s house (I think he’s having an affair with her but she won’t give him a key) stumbled out to tell me one day. He had never before and has never since spoken to me. Love.

  6. OH man! I just realized that my roommate kinda looks like Topher Grace, but with darker hair! MLITGRM

  7. Facepalm

    Anyone who challenges Topher Grace is a HOMOsexual RACIST!

  8. I was watching tv with my brother a few days ago and That 70′s Show came on. He said to me, “I wonder what ever happened to that guy.” That guy being Topher Grace. Imagine my joy at finally being able to use my plethora of Topher Grace current happenings knowledge in a real life situation. Thanks, Gabe! (My brother’s response, btw, was “What kind of a name is Topher?”)

    • Well, you can tell your brother than one of the greatest Topher facts (maybe THE greatest? No way, too many great ones to tell!) is, according to IMDB, “His first name is Christopher, and he hated being called Chris in school, so he changed it to Topher as time went on.” WOW, THANKS IMDB!

      • Oh my god. Chris! How embarrassing! What were his parents thinking?! I just emailed this information to my brother, and I made sure to mark it “high importance” so that he understands just how interesting the answer to his question turned out to be.

  9. How would the photo of Minka Kelly be improved by adding Topher Grace? If anything, photos of Topher Grace should be required to contain more Minka Kelly. In fact, I would like the intern to change this feature to “Hey, What’s Up With Minka Kelly”, and I would like the first feature to be about how Minka Kelly was interested in dating occasional Videogum commentors too lazy to set up icons. 2010 is my year, I’m thinking.


  11. I thought Minka Kelly was dating Derek Jeter??? :-o NO ONE SHOULD CHEAT ON JETER HE’S TOO PERFECT

  12. I can’t wait until the final “What’s Up With Topher Grace” column (2012?) in which a “narrative payoff” rivaling a LOST season finale will be resolved in the form of a period after “syndication”

  13. As regional manager of wing sauce for planet holywood, I am insulted. It’s a big responsibility, and not something you can just walk into.

  14. My roommate’s cousin is very interested. Tell me more!

  15. What is the DEAL with interracial relationships
    -Serry Jeinfeld

  16. borat’s voice in my head.

  17. i take it back. tommy wiseau’s voice, so hard.

  18. Sometimes I think the gifs are too much, werttrew, but not this time. I admire your commitment.

  19. IMHO the gifs are never enough… I’m a visual learner.

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