Whatever damage Jersey Shore may or may not be doing to our brains and/or children, it also planting so many metaphorical trees in Israel. Nahmean?

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  1. “The Siduwaytion”

  2. “I cover my mouth when I speak because I am a very reputable person”
    I cover my eyes when I watch, because I too, am I very reputable person.

    • See! his reputableness has already, like, inflected the speeching behaviors of me, a lover, and fierce competator.

    • I respect women too much to tell you what I do when I speak because I am a very reputable person. Needless to say it involves a relative of yours who I won’t name because I love my own and respect women and such like in conclusion summarised. Nahmean?

  3. YOU are an abomidamalsnowmanation of what is right and wrong.

  4. “fake. Please watch my cat video and comment.”

  5. I like that his website is aol.com

  6. Ed Hardy Water, Vodka, Jesus, Revenge, These are all words about me.

  7. His grandmother will not accept that gold jetski, since this online video proves he is a sex offender. But I am sure she still happens to love him.

  8. I was about to complain that my place of employment is restricting access to the clip, but now I think that it’s doing me a favor. Thanks, work!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  9. Bobby Bottleservice needs to host Videogum Video Pizza Party II: The Squeakuell.

  10. This is the best thing.
    My Nick Kroll fandom is reaching really unstable levelzzzzz!

  11. Not Brando enough. “I could be a contending person for the show.” – The Audition Tape

  12. “I’m eyecandy, for ladies, and gay guys for which I will ignore”


  13. I just wanna say in addition to that he needs to do more of these.

  14. So as someone who would like to create the summarization of what I just said in finality – this is awesome.

  15. If the three Nick Kroll characters that I know of (this one, the Latin radio host from Reno911 and the flamboyant one) got together at a party, it would be the best party. Nick Kroll would be the least interesting person at the Nick Kroll party.

  16. I am not watching this show, no thanks. But I saw this on WWTD today? What the hell? Also something about Pizza Hut pulling all ads because of this? Whoa.

    • Is that asshole in jail at least? Also not watching the show. . . seems like with all the recaps and commentary on every “let’s make fun of people show” that I do watch, I get the idea.

  17. Is it just me, or does Nick Kroll’s “bottle service” character have a striking resemblance in tone to the Gabe of Gabe and Max fame???

  18. Bobby Bottleservice is totally my boyfriend.

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