The song “I See You” by Leona Lewis is scheduled to play during the closing credits of James Cameron’s Avatar, but it has already leaked to the Internet. Let’s just say, Cameron might have invented all new cameras to create an unparalleled anamorphic-3D viewing experience, but nothing can change how shitty this song sounds.


Look, Avatar might still turn out to be awesome (and very TOUCHING) but listening to this song, you can just feel that special hollowed-out disappointment that one only gets at the end of a long movie that did not live up to your expectations. This song should be called, “Well, that’s that. Quick, get your coat. I want to go to the bathroom before there’s a line.” (Via AwardsDaily.)

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  1. Is Leona Lewis going to wear a replica of that blue face around her neck to the Oscars when this song is nominated for an Academy Award?

  2. The solo piano version of this is already playing in my elevator.

  3. I paused the Crossroads soundtrack to listen to this garbage? PAH!

  4. That was 04:21:75 of sheer bliss!

    • And by FAKE, I mean I’m personally Racist against this movie…

      And come to think of it, blue people can kiss my ass…
      Except @Godsauce… Haven’t seen him in a while.

      Hey, What’s up with Godsauce?

      • I believe he is off having a job where he can’t access the internet during the day.
        And, of course, The Smurfs remains popular in syndication.

  5. I thought it was going to pick up into some half-assed DDR worthy dance track but instead I just ended up turning it off.

  6. This feels like its also going to double as the soundtrack to me solemnly trudging through popcorn after punching an 11 year old boy in the esophagus in the middle of him saying to his sister and mom, “THAT WAS SO FREAKING COO-…”

  7. Why The Face? MLIMF

  8. 3D headphones UP!

  9. I think we’re also negating Titanic’s feature song was by Celine Dion and that movie was great (if nothing else but the man who hit the propeller and spun like a top into the ocean).

  10. “Yo Bro… I Can’t Fist Pump To This!?!” – The Situation

  11. Come on guyz! it was moving and magical and like Enya! and the words! it sounded so full (of itself)
    no. i didn’t finish it either. i turns out i can only take 1:25 of lame.

  12. I have a feeling tweens are going to stop reading about vampires and werewolves and start writing Avatar fan fiction on the interwebs.

  13. With all these kids are listening to that Hippity-Hop and the Techno-dance-music, with the ‘boom boom boom’ and the funny high voices, I thought Miss Lewis was different, especailly after she did that one about bleeding after love-making, but her voice sounds like something from those new fangled ‘Star Battles’ films. Why didn’t Susan Boyle do the soundtrack? She is more my cup of tea. Perhaps Louis Armstrong or the Glenn Miller Band, toe tapping stuff that I can get into the groove with. Avatar? What does that even mean? I fought in WW2 as an Aviator, but I saw that film, and frankly it scared me, I had to change my colostomy bag. Frankly, I don’t even though how I use this Interalweb and this Windows 95 nonsense.

    Stupid popular culture, and Gabriel’s crass language -’shitty’. You outta wash your mouth out with soap boy!

    Sincerely, Ian, 21

  14. This puts me perfectly into that moment where you un-silence your phone and ask your friends if they want Steak and Shake because it’s too late for anything else.

  15. I just still can’t get over how they basically just scanned CCH Pounder’s face and colored it blue to make that Avatar poster.

  16. So bad that I felt the need to announce that “I’M NOT ACTUALLY LISTENING TO THIS” to a room full of people when I plugged in my headphones and clicked play in the wrong order. Embarrassing (for Leona)! A room full of people is less than THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD.

  17. I’m a furry who loves the film ‘Titanic’, the color blue, cats, and LSD. I wear a stereo around my neck that plays ‘bleeding love’ on a loop while imagining that I’m Crysta from Ferngully. MLIA

    • You seem to be enjoying Bleeding Love in your picture. What Furry are you? I guess a Red Panda.

    • Ferngully That’s it!!! I knew i had seen this movie before. I hope they keep in the scene where they dance in the blue underground pond thing. It touched my nine year old girl heart and inspired me to become the synchronised swimming champion I am today.

  18. Oh no, Blue is my favorite color… I’m a blue tiger of course…

  19. Did anybody else get a “My Heart Will Go On” (but written collectively by a fifth grade class from the future) vibe from the chorus?

  20. Oh, I don’t know, guys. I think this song is actually kind of a pretty meditation on good Lord how LONG can one song BE?!

  21. Well done Mr Cameron. You’ve actually gone and found a theme song worse than My Heart Will Go On. No other person in the history of the world could do this but you did. This more than any movie will be will be your legacy. OH GOD AND IT’S AUTO-REPEATING WHY WON’T IT GO AWAY?!??!

  22. I wonder if this will sound even shittier in 3D.

  23. The more I learn about this movie the more it feels like…

    Remember how everyone was saying the Titanic couldn’t sink? How it was a revolution in boat making? How boats would never be the same? How it would totally blow your mind?

    Then it sank? And hundreds of people died?

    Then James Cameron made a movie about it?

    What I’m saying is that James Cameron has not learned his lesson and that this movie is probably not sea worthy and will kill hundreds of people.


  24. At least it’s not a My Chemical Romance cover of fucking Bob Dylan.

  25. This song is terrible and it won’t stop playing. UGH SHUT UP, LEONA!!

  26. Did James Cameron ever find Jesus’ bones?

  27. This song should be called “i’m making the same face i did in high school 5 years ago during lunch, a bird shit and it landed on the top of my pizza pocket i had just taken a bite of.”

  28. This sounds like Imogen Heap if Imogen Heap was crossed with Celine Dion and a bleating sheep.

    You say this movie will not live up to expectations? What if my expectations are that it will be A COLOSSAL FAILURE?

    I think we all need to adopt South Park’s title for this movie: Dances With Smurfs. Avatar sounds like (literally!) it is going to deserve it.

  29. I may or may not get sucked into seeing this with the 1 year old I babysit, mainly because she freaked the fuck out with happiness every time one of the blue people was onscreen during the previews of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”

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