Uh, Snizkers or Snacko or whatever from MTV’s Jersey Shore has her own YouTube Channel? This is going to go great!

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  1. We’re gonna need higher hair.
    And probably a Z-Pak, just to be on the safe side.

  2. Dude, ya burnt – This is her OLD Channel, she don’t use it no more.
    She only be checkin her NEW channel –

  3. I love that pronouncing “snooki” correctly is too much for the brain scientists in that house.

  4. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I apologize in advance for this gif. I saw it on another site a few days ago and I am curious if you guys know if it’s the same girl? I

    • Never apologize for that gif.

    • A preemptive apology? Who are you and where is the really Kenny Powers?

    • This gif is beyond awesome, no apologies needed – Not when we get to see a guido pull off the mythic two for one guido/guidette punch combo.

    • What’s amazing about that gif is the dude actually gets a Three Stooges style double hit, the girl and the guy in the middle.

    • Thanks for posting that, Kenny. That was one of the last images shown in the big long “This season, on Jersey Shore” trailer at the end of the first episode.

      When I first saw it I thought it was The Situation punching that girl he liked. But now I see that it’s some random guinea punching Snickerdoodle. Whatevs.

    • Yep Kenny, that’s the Snook. They haven’t aired the episode yet, as far as I can tell from the interwebs, but that’s her. Normally, I would find this kind of thing offensive, but considering that I in no way acknowledge these people as real human beings, I want to ask, how is his science so tight? That has got to be some 4th level guido-fu shit right there.

    • The amount of disgust that overcomes that dude’s face leads me to believe she insulted his favorite vodka.

    • I saw that punch in the previews for the next episode and thought it was one of the castmates (douchebags). Apparently its a stranger (one of the 15 types?). Damn, I thought maybe the Situation was gonna find himself in a Situation.

      Either way, I hope punchy gets whats coming to ‘em.

  5. As soon as I saw that clip over the weekend I thought “Videogum gif”. I wasn’t let down. Bravo monsters!

  6. Gaaabe, ugh, you sent me to her OLD channel, great, now I have to subscribe to TWO Snookie channels.

  7. Woah, people. WTF? I don’t care how obnoxious that girl is, she’s only slightly bigger than a toddler and that asshole punched her in the face with a closed fist. I don’t find this funny at all. In fact, it makes me really angry.

    • I, for one, don’t think he should have punched her.

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    • Nor do I, furthermore, I don’t think that anyone on this board is condoning punching a woman in the face. Rather, commenting on the GIF they saw. Let me be clear, it is NEVER okay to punch a woman in the face. This guy should definitely catch a second degree assault charge for this, and I hope he does.

      • OK, just to clarify: They’re commenting on the GIF they saw OF A WOMAN BEING PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY A MAN. And you don’t condone it, but you do find it hilarious and admire his technique?

        • Just to clarify, yes. As I said, I hope the Douche gets what’s coming to him. But, have you ever seen the movie ‘The Way of the Gun’? It’s horrible, but in the beginning, Benicio Del Toro and Ryan Phillipe are getting into it with a bunch of people outside of a (bar? I think it’s a bar). the most vocal and obnoxious of these people is a foul-mouthed woman who, confident in her company and the fact that she is a woman, (and is therefore out of bounds as far as physical violence is concerned) relentlessly berates and insults the two protagonists. Just when you know things are going to erupt, and you think that the guys are going to start rumbling with the males of the opposition, they deck the female instead. Now, while this is over the top, and agreeably criminal, it does prove a point. These are very bad men. Occasionally, when you are out and about in society, you are going to run into people who do not subscribe to the same values and moral codes as the majority of the population. Therefore, everyone, including women, children, and people of every race should be wary of saying whatever it is they want, to whoever they think they can. I’m all for free speech, but you’ve got to remember there can be consequences, even though there are laws to protect you. In this GIF, the consequence is absurdly extreme. The guy does something that you don’t expect, and that’s what makes it funny. Now, like I said, he is WRONG, and I really don’t think that they should even air this, as it might encourage even more stupid douchebags to hit women, but MTV is totally bereft of moral fiber, so they will. As far as my comments on his technique, hitting two people at once, (even unintentionally) has at least the makings for some good slapstick. I think that you are trying to insinuate that all people who find this GIF amusing advocate hitting women, and I don’t think that that is the case.

          • I’m just not following your logic on this. I don’t think the GIF is funny at all, and I’m disappointed that people are making jokes about it. I’m not insinuating anything, I’m stating outright that there is nothing funny about a man punching a woman in the face with a closed fist, especially considering the huge difference in size. And we have no idea what transpired prior to the punch, but it doesn’t matter. My point is that nothing about this GIF is funny, and to joke about it (regardless of what happens in Ryan Phillippe movies) is wrong. I’m disappointed that the first reaction of some of the above commenters was to joke about the guy’s girl-slugging technique instead of pointing out how fucked up it was.

    • “People say there’s no good reason to hit a woman. Bullshit. There’s a reason to hit EVERYONE. Shit, there’s a good reason to push and old man down the stairs. Just. Don’t. Do it.” – Chris Rock

    • Agreed, I don’t care how skanky and obnoxious she is, no chick deserves to be punched by a juiced up ‘roid freak. In other news, she’s working on her own show! I predict it will be as great as Daisy of Love.

  8. In her introduction video for her new channel she ends it by dancing alone in her kitchen, then doing a beer bong, and then eating a pickle. Duhh sexxxi pickles are just like penises! MUNCH IT.

  9. Her mustache is thicker than mine.

  10. My favourite thing is how, in her last video, she is the same color as the wall behind her. Basically just floating hair and eyeballs. Yuck!

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