Lots Of Love! This is probably the best PSA that I have ever seen. Someone should call the Dean of Logic College and tell him to resign, because there is a new Dean in town (Logic Town), and it is this video. You see, none of these complete strangers could possibly be racist because…oh wait, it turns out I have absolutely no way to tell one way or the other whether these people are racist or not. The best part is how the whole video is a counter-point to the statistic that 12 percent of voters believe opponents to Obama’s health care plan are racist. Huh?! I mean, I’m not trying to blow your minds with my cool math, but the argument you seem to be making would be way stronger if Rasmussen was reporting that 100 percent of voters believe that 100 percent of those who disagreed with Obama’s health care proposals were racist. As it stands, it really looks like you found all of the racists that those 12 percent of people believe exist (seriously, what a complicated statistic!) and got them to say it out loud! Good work on getting that one black guy in there right at the end, though. Phew! Close call. You should rest your case. “Black guy, your honor.”

Sorry, I know that there is nothing lamer than explaining jokes. Which is what this video is. A joke. Oh, there I go doing it again!

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else in that video, but that tiny blond girl is definitely a racist.

  2. What’s Scott Thompson doing in this video? He’s Canadian!

  3. “Hello, Senator Hutchinson? I’M A RACIST! NO! Goodbye!” Problem. Solved.

  4. I can’t wait to call my Senator and shout indignantly that I’m not a racist. I’m expecting them to understand exactly what I mean.

  5. So I disagree with people who oppose Obama’s health care plan. Is this video accusing me of being prejudiced… AGAINST RACISTS?
    Whoo, I need to lie down for a second. Turns out I’m a racist too.

  6. Holy logical fallacy, Batman!

  7. Friend: “Did you know that in 2007, only 12% of US women age 18-45 knew that folic acid is important for preventing birth defects?”
    Me: “I guess I’M a racist.”

  8. They’re playing the You Played the Race Card Card! It’s a strong one and I haven’t seen it played for several days.

    “I gayce i’m rayceece!” = LOL x 101.

    Also, yeah, it’s saying 12% of people think opposition to health care is probably due to racism. (Jimmy Carter!) Take off a few points for Rasmussen’s conservative bent, and we’re talking about a hell of a strawman takedown. Do you know what kinds of crazy theories 12% of the population can have? Moon-landing deniers constitute a bigger bloc. 12% of Republicans won’t run their sprinklers any more because of the rainbows that Al Gore put into the water supply!

  9. Well, as a racist and a supporter of Universal Heath Care I am offended.

  10. Numbers?! Facts?! That is just too much for me to handle, I prefer to believe what suits me best, this guy knows what I am talking about… http://www.theonion.com/content/news/area_man_passionate_defender_of

  11. What’s worse? An actor looking for work by doing an “I guess I’m racist” PSA or having your headshot used in a public health poster for VD?

  12. You forget the one incredulous black man towards the beginning (for a total of two!) who in no way could ever, in life, be racist because you know, black.

    • I prefer the sad, accepting black guy at the end. He didn’t THINK he was a racist, but the bulletproof logic of this video convinced him.

      • I’m not so sure. That might be a “just turned my first trick” look of despair after he realized that he whored out his ideals. So method, this guy!

    • Gabe didn’t notice the first lack guy because he’s so not racist he doesn’t even see skin color.

  13. Did you know that 12% of people who hate President Obama because he is black are racists?

  14. Haha. That one guy at 0:30 isn’t even guessing.

  15. I just did a random search and 12% of Brits think that the main ingredient of cask beer is corn. And 10% of Brits aged 18-24 think it’s milk and chocolate.

    Where’s the video against that?!?

  16. What makes me laugh is that those people practiced saying “I’m not a racist.” Where is that blooper reel?

  17. 30% of U.S. citizens are stupid. I’m a U.S. citizen. I guess I’m stupid.

  18. I like how the guy @:30 just says, “I’m racist.”

    • i like other stuff, too. not just stuff that’s already in the comments. i like how the statements have exclamation points that are not emphasized. At all!

    • Wtf to the weird, off-timed double post? Opera is crazy.


        Oh, wait, what? Oh, OpERA. For a second there I thought you was crazy racist…

  19. Well I won’t support any of Obama’s healthcare plan, you know, in case there are any racist people there.

  20. 25% of most rock bands are bassists. I guess I’m a bassist.

  21. I guess I’m “racist”, because I think if we were to actually have a sampling of the kind of people who are against healthcare reform, they would look a bit more like this.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Rather than, you know
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  22. It would have been a lot more poignant if the Asian guy said “Lacist”.

  23. Kept waiting for Roman Polanski to pop up – “I guess I’m a Rapist

  24. what happens if i say completely agree with the sentiment of this video?

  25. You know when you say a word multiple times in succession, it stops sounding like an actual word? I think that’s what these people are doing with “I guess I’m a racist”.
    That way, when they decide to come clean with their bigotry – it’s all white noise.

  26. Trick question, racists hate math…

    So everyone frustrated by the 12% statistic is in fact, a ****ing racist.

  27. Sad for this video that a lot of people in this country ARE racist and DO still try to use confederate money. This video, I tell ya.

  28. I love the Hispanic lady. Because if English isn’t your first language, how can you be raciist?!?!

  29. This is actually the most accurate statement in the whole thing:

  30. The only thing I hate more than racist people are blacks.

  31. Is it wrong that I completely believe that the two teens near the end are racists? Oscar worthy performances.

  32. *calls up senator* NO SENATOR! I AM A RACIST MR. SENATOR! NO! I AM A RACIST CALLING YOU TO SAY NO! NO! RACISM! uhhh no. NO! *hangs up abruptly*

    *smug-ass look* I’m an American fuckin hero. *puts on shades, hops astride a Harley, rides? into the setting sun*

  33. I like the plan AND I’m racist…. Take that America!!

  34. In that PSA I counted 1 Asian person, 2 Black people, and 16 white people…

  35. I’m still waiting for Obama to fulfill my dream of the streets running red with communism. YES WE CAN!

  36. racism is never funny

  37. since this ad makes me hate the white men who were probably in charge of coming up with this sparkling gem, and the white men who funded it, and the white men who will accept it as a viable media message, i guess i’m a racist. and i’m totally ok with that.

  38. Nice to see Maria Conchita Alonso getting some acting work at the 50 second mark.

    Bring on Vampire’s Kiss Two!

  39. “I am Bill O’Reilly and I approve this message”
    And the lady at 0:29 is so upset about being racist, but she knows she gots to come clean.

  40. I think the VO guy is the same guy from The Room trailer. “Experience this quirky new black comedy!” Racist.

  41. have you ever said a word so many times that it stops making sense?

  42. At :49 it sounds like she is saying “Yes im racist!” hahaha

  43. The truth is, a lot of people in this country ARE racist. They just won’t admit to it especially now that we have a black president.

  44. Guess. Arm raises.

  45. I once treated a black man like I would anyone else…I guess that makes me racist.

  46. Animated Gifs Wonderbread, he crazy y’all

  47. It’s probably because I’m a racist and can’t understand black people’s crazy jive speech.

    • Sorry. That was supposed to be a reply to my own comment about the Wonder Showzen reference above. It’s out of context and unfunny down here. Not that it was ever funny to begin with. I hate myself.

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