Do you have your boots on? How about your raincoat? You’re going to need it for the fountains of blood and the rivers of a dark, oil like liquid. We’re not sure what that one is. Look out for the gnashing teeth! Haha, just kidding, you can’t look out for them. They’re everywhere!

How do you get to the nightmare factory? Why, you use your imagination, silly! You have an imagination, right? Of course you do! Now, take something from your past, something that you used to love very, very much, and that made you feel as warm and safe as your mother’s embrace. Do you see it? There it is. Now, give it a nice smile. There you go! And now, put fucking KNIVES on that thing’s HANDS.

Or, if you don’t have an imagination, then you use Photoshop. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. I thought we visted the nightmare factory last night during Jersey Shore.

  2. Because of a number of strange fetishes I don’t wish to discuss, this is actually the DREAM factory for me. MLIT.

  3. I don’t get it.
    Is Gabe implying that the picture of Mr. Rogers has been altered in some way?
    I never liked that old man…

    • Here are other things that scare the shit out of me, as this is obviously what this topic is about with Mr. Rogers being all normal and terrifying.
      The Peanut Butter Solution

      Troll from Cat’s Eye

      Alls I know is
      I don’t want to be buried
      In the Pet Semetary…

      • The Peanut Butter Solution has always freaked me out too. But then I went bald and it just depressed me when it didn’t work in real life.

      • The most messed up part of the Peanut Butter Solution is when he puts the peanut butter on his…well…down there… WEIRD!

  4. is it scary b/c he seems to have a semi-boner or is it the knife hand?

  5. Thank me later for these nightmares:

  6. this movie…. almost ruined dogs for me.

  7. Kenny? Kenny Powers? Where are you?

  8. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    He is, after all, a fucking bear.
    (And look at how happy he is)

  9. LEAVE MR ROGERS ALONE! (…also, it says a lot that we/people are so in love with mr. rogers that even a small minorly ‘scary’ change will get our attention. someone we didn’t care about, we probably wouldn’t care how they were photomanipulated… like all of perez’s (shudder) scribbles, for example… we/people would go apesht if he scribbed on mr rogers…CAUSE OF THE LOVE)

  10. What else were you going to expect from a (purportedly violent) ex-marine? We all have pasts we’d like to forget, okay man!

  11. Why does Gabe want to pevert his dead neighbor? This makes my insides really uncomfortabe.

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