Brooklyn’s Finest trailer, you guys:

I think this movie looks good, but I’m nervous that this is just the American Gangster effect. Do you remember the trailers for American Gangster? They featured a Jay-Z song, too, and no matter how good the entire movie might be, you just kind of knew that it would never be any better than those two exciting minutes (unless maybe the Jay-Z song played in a constant loop running throughout the movie, but that was unlikely). In more important news, what happened to Ethan Hawke? Is it even possible for him to get cast as a human being who isn’t an unraveling disaster anymore? Between this and Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, I’m fully convinced that Ethan Hawke lives in his car and is just waiting for the right moment to murder his mom for the insurance money. Reality bites, indeed!

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  1. Does Wesley Snipes have Whoopibrows going on? Also, I thought he was in jail for tax evasion? I guess not. Good for him.

  2. Looks like Ethan Hawke was on Christain Bale’s The Machinist diet for this role.

  3. this does look cool. and i really love american gangster, but i feel like it’s pretty underappreciated

  4. this does look cool. and i really love american gangster, but i feel like it’s pretty underappreciated

  5. You ever notice that the only people who can get away with wearing those leather driving caps are either undercover cops or over-the-hill English boxing promoters?

  6. Well, Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire), was sure featured heavily in that. There he is taking a drink at :34!

  7. Looks like Don Cheadle’s getting some mileage out of his ‘undercover do-gooder’ (Traitor) persona.
    One can only hope that this movie isn’t only a mash-up of other easily remembered recent crime movies, but that’s a pretty bleak hope, seeing as how more and more these mash-ups are unavoidable.

    • Actually, “unavoidable” is the wrong word.
      I just can’t think of the right one at this moment in time.
      I want to give some credit to the screenwriters for wanting to tell an interesting, unique story. But the further along a script moves and the more hands that get put on it, hands that are concerned more about marketability than originality, the more I doubt I’m going to see anything original, but rather things that have proven in the past to be profitable. And profit bores me.

  8. Mooklyn’s Finest #cowfilms #Imisscowfilmsyouguys

  9. might just be me, but it seems like Richard Gere is getting too old for this shit.

  10. I watched this directly after watching the The 40 Year Old PIece of Shit trailer, and I thought this was a joke as well… only time will tell if I am wrong.

  11. Brooklyn’s Finest: Turn Over Your Badge and Your Gun is going to be AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!

  12. Did I miss something? Where’s the fast talking comedic relief character?
    Additionally, forgive my ignorance, but

  13. Confessing Ethan Hawke looks a LOT like Gollum. ” I don’t WANT his forgiveness; I WANT MY PRECIOUS!!!”

  14. Don Cheadle is from Denver.

  15. I am a dooly appointed federal cheedle.

  16. I think this looks good, and it was also from the people who brought us Training Day, which was pretty great. But yeah, putting Jay-Z in your movie trailer ups the quality like x100,000.

    Re: Ethan Hawke, I have seen him IRL three separate times and everytime he looked slightly scruffy and slightly baffled to be famous. More importantly, the guy is in a movie about every borough:
    Staten Isalnd

  17. It does look entertaining, but I am concerned about Ethan Hawke and Richard Gere. And Richard Gere’s hair.

  18. So great Lili Taylor’s in this as well.

  19. Ethan Hawke’s been taking a lot of these “I’m a slightly corrupted man wiling to cross lines of morality to help my family, whom may or may not be struggling financially” roles.

  20. A Richard Gere tag? Really?

  21. I really just wanted them to move their heads so I could see my house. There it is! Just right of the oprahbrow and straight on til morning.

  22. what is with the incessant quacks in that song?

  23. dunno, America Gangster was better than this looks.

  24. Looks good in the trailer…..

    …..but I wonder if the effect/impact of the trailer would be different if the background music was something by the venerable MiMs or Soulja Boy….

    Watch this trailer to “This is why I’m hot” and try to convince yourself to pre-order tickets….

    …you can’t, can you?

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