If you didn’t want your movie trailer to be mildly-NSFW, then you wouldn’t have made your movie trailer mildly-NSFW. Blame yourself!

This is your movie. You wrote this movie. You star in this movie. You directed this movie. The movie is based on you. You recorded the audio commentary for the Special Features of this movie. You give a DVD of this movie to your friends and family at birthdays and holidays. The soundtrack to this movie is the only thing on your Zune.

YA BURNT, JUDD APATOW! Just kidding. Ya are not burnt. What is this? This is real, incidentally. But the fact that it is real does not answer the question of what it is. “We’re going to make a miserable, unwatchable parody of popular comedies as a reminder of why those comedies were maybe even more impressive than you originally thought when you saw them now that you understand just how bad comedies can be, namely this bad, and also to show the world that we are awful”? Success! Life is all about setting achievable goals. Gold star sticker, boys. Flying colors, etc. (Thanks for the tip, Samir, aka Bonah Jill.)

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  1. That is definitely not my movie. I am pretty sure I wrote Nick and Norah’s Infinitely SuperJuno in Year One’s Arrested Paper Heart Development And Sophie’s Choice. I am trying to get the guy from The Hottie and the Nottie to play the lead, Cichael Mera, but he told me he has “principles.” What a dick!

  2. Not even the most dedicated female comedy nerd would want to Bonah Jonah Hill.

  3. way to ruin my weekend, gabe

  4. One person “Tossing a Salad” and another giving a “Reach Around” can be consolidated into one person performing the “Rusty Trombone”

    Whoever did the recon work for this picture should never work in Hollywood* again!

    *I use that term as loose as possible

  5. Ah, god. Too much hangover (the real thing, not the movie) for this. When are they going to do away with this tired ‘Movies that make fun of other movies’ sub-genre? I don’t think I’ve seen a genuinely funny one since the 80′s.

  6. Ha, I was just about to send this in as a tip too. Man this goes beyond the worst. What is it? It can’t be a parody, because this is exactly the same, shot for frikkin’ shot. The only jokes are in-jokes designed to knowingly nudge the audience who have presumably seen every Judd Apatow film, but really they’re just beating the audience with a stick labelled “the exact frikkin’ same as the original”.
    Seriously, guys, there’s a crazy thing going round called “original ideas”. You might want to look into them.

    • I know!
      It’s like Jack Black and Mos Def (with their good friend Bryan Callen) took it upon themselves to Swede the entire Apatow-related filmography

    • I sent this in as a tip as well. I am becoming scared by the like-mindedness of the VG Monsters….we’re all becoming one giant shared brain. Terrifying.

      • I get the feeling that everybody saw it on CInematical at roughly the same time, and went through the same outrage as I did, and went to their favouritest ever film-based site to protest.
        Unless Cinematical is a figment of my imagination. In which case, that never happened.


  8. Someone Paid for this. And Someone will Pay for this.

  9. who. the fuck. greenlighted this.

  10. You know it’s bad when Youtube gives this one star! YouTube!

  11. I’m speechless in the bad kind of way, like I can’t believe this is possible. I kept waiting to see that it was an elaborate parody from college humor or funnyordie. I thought they were doing a spot on job of replicating those obnoxious Epic Movies but then there was nothing. This is real…this is real.

  12. This is why we can’t have nice things. Come back, Prawns! We willingly submit to your rule!

  13. I wrote this the same night I wrote all of the “Scary Movie” movies, and the soundtrack is just my Zune on shuffle. Can you believe how well it fits?
    On a more serious note, I didn’t believe this was a real trailer until I heard “movie trailer guy’s” voice. Then it had to be a real trailer.

    • Yeah but see the thing about that is, it’s not the “actual” comedy movie trailer guy. It’s his younger brother who always gets saddled with the trailers his superstar bro passes on to him. Actual comedy movie trailer guy would not stoop to this level!

  14. I just don’t want to believe that there are enough people in Hollywood who don’t understand satire/parody/COMEDY to make even one of those “Movie” movies, and yet there seem to be enough to make a whole moron DVD library. OMG IT WUZ DA VERIZEN GUY LOL LMAO LAFFIN MAI A** OF!!!

  15. Can’t wait for all the Funny People gags. Like the crazy comedian named FAAAAAAAARTY, and the famous guy forced to confront his own mortality when he’s diagnosed with diarrhea cancer.

  16. Wow, this is some “Meet the Spartans” level kinda shit. I may need to hatewatch* this.

    *Because I hate myself.

  17. I feel like I need to shower or something after watching this…

  18. homeboy has really come a long way from his days serving coffee and pie to the Godfather and stocking the Miller High Life cooler at your local gas station.

  19. Is that a vampire at 1:37? Are they just throwing that in there until they get around to making Buffy: The New Twilight True Blood Diaries?

  20. Did anyone notice how the working title was “Slumdog Virgin?” Then someone called DON DRAPER in there and he fuckin NAILED IT!

  21. Jokes about the “can you hear me now?” guy are just as funny today as they were when I first heard one 30 years ago.

  22. That looks bad, but this is worse:
    The director, Craig Moss’s first short film. It’s parody, too. Imaginatively titled, Saving Ryan’s Privates.
    Way to go, guy. Keep up the great work.

  23. Yeah, Judd Apatow sucks what with his nuanced comedy about the ways in which men and women try to make a life for themselves amidst disappointments. Fuck. That. Guy. I am starting the Judd Apatow backlash backlash. Dipshits, you remember when Jordan played ball? This is it. Come to terms with things actually being this great.

  24. So THAT’S how they get such great service.

  25. Gabe, don’t knock this movie! It’s directed by the venerable Craig Moss, the auteur behind 1998′s “Saving Ryan’s Privates.” (God I wish I had actually made this joke up, and that it was not true)

  26. What the fuck?

  27. I think the target market for this stuff is nearly-homeless guys in Christian Men’s Recovery Groups.

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