Kathy Griffin: the worst or not? Just kidding, she’s the worst. That woman is made out of orange plastic. And that’s just her personality! So Bravo’s first award show, The A-List Awards, airs tonight. Last week when the video surfaced of Lauren Hutton’s bizarre sleep-deprived acceptance speech, I suggested that Jerry Springer was making a weird face from the audience because Hutton was crazy. I’d like to retract that: it seems from this preview clip of Kathy Griffin and Lance Bass re-creating the incredibly relevant “wardrobe malfunction” from SuperBowl 2004 that Jerry Springer spent the entire show wondering just how the hell he got there:

Hopefully tonight they’ll linger even longer on Jerry’s face in every audience shot, and the show will take on some sort of actual meaning as we watch a man slowly disintegrate before our eyes as he realizes the evil he has helped to spawn. Or maybe he’ll just get some sort of award.

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  1. Nagrom  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2008 -1

    Yeah, Kathy Griffin really is the worst at doing celebrity gossip/pop culture comedy while managing to be fairly entertaining and successful. Its sort of like what you do but for money and in front of people. Please stop being the unfunny cereal bits which I must tediously pick though to get to Gabe’s hilarious freeze dried marshmallows and just replace yourself w/ Amelie Gillette already.
    P.S. You are the one who is the worst.

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