“A lot of my friends won’t even play Sumotori (which I designed and programmed and which is my favorite) anymore, because I’m so much better at falling down and just lying there than they are. Like, we’ll start playing, and I’ll just immediately fall straight backwards and knock over a cardboard wall and then just kind of roll around there unable to get up, and my friends are still walking around, and I’m laughing at them, like, what are you doing?! Don’t move!! Fall down like a fatso and get some points!! And they’re like ‘this isn’t fun, you’re too competitive,’ but you have to be in this game. You have to be very competitive, and very bad at doing anything other than falling all over the place like a fat old dummy.”

(Thanks for the tip, Edith.)

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  1. Is this video game about two babies with extraordinarily heavy heads and weak bodies competing for heavy-headed/weak-bodied baby dominance? Is that what this video game is about?

    • It helps if you think of this as the prequel to “Babies.”

      • from the website: “It?s worth mentioning that Sumotori is a technical masterpiece.”
        so. there’s that.

        also, my 2-year-old happens to think that “babies” is going to be a sleeper hit.She had to watch it about 10 times.
        When that baby bites the other baby…. comedy gold.
        “You aren’t supposed to do that!” she would say if she could talk.

  2. Look at these big fat dummies.

  3. If I wanted to see stumbling blockheads I’d just watch The View. No thanks.

  4. There’s something very homoerotic about this.

    • I was just about to say that, from the You Tube still before you press play, it looks like Gay Elf Sex with but with box people.

  5. You would think the origami boxes they’re made of would get dented with all that falling over and being crushed. I guess this game isn’t completely realistic after all.

  6. WOW
    Did you make this game, Gabe? Looks like you wrote the descriptions.
    Check it –

    A little but very serious game in 96k.

    This is the game where beginners can beat hardcore players

    Do you find the download size too big? Then download the 29K version

    If you like it, send it to all your friend and enemies. Post it everywhere, where spams are allowed.

    Trouble shooting: If it crashes during the gameplay, try with sounds off.

    Modding is coming soon

  7. Is this actually a simulation of what happens when I try to buy stuff at a convenience store after a night of drinking and/or heavy drug use and then get laughed at thanks to security footage? If so, then right on, this [b]is[/b] my video game!

  8. It sounds like they are tap dancing. The background music seems to support my theory.

  9. “Let’s take some ketamine and put on the motion capture suits.” – Guy who made this

  10. If I’m right, this is what my dad thinks all videogames are like.

  11. this reminds me of a game that I have been playing the SHIT out of recently: Toribash: Violence Perfected. It’s a fighting game. That is turn-based. And is controlled by manipulating the joints of your fighter. In other words: unintelligible.


  12. I can’t even watch this to the end, because I am silently losing my shit in the middle of a cafe. If you see a girl in a turquoise cardigan with her shoulders shaking, say hi!

  13. I think it would be a lot more fun if you and your friend just put on tissue-box suits and wrestled IRL.

  14. i thought this was the new ‘Avatar’ trailer…

  15. THE REAL QUESTION: who is the guy off-screen who just cold throws a rock (or is that a SPARE GREY-GUY HEAD (it could be anything really)) and the blue-guy as soon as he first falls down at the :07 mark?? what a jerk, that guy.

  16. Ugh, it looks like I just wasted ten million dollars putting motion capture dots on that guy with the working Transformer costume.

  17. unfortunately, from the website:

    “It?s worth mentioning that Sumotori is a technical masterpiece.”
    “Sumotori is awfully impressive.”

    and, my favorite: “It is not a virus; it simply makes use of esoteric API calls to be remain so small.” SOUNDS CONVINCING.

  18. “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.” – Rick James

  19. Where are they? Mars? Why are they being gravitied so hard?

  20. Ice capades! With robots! Ouch my back!

  21. PHYSICS!!!!!!

  22. The Tron reboot looks like shit.

  23. They make us play this out my weekly vertigo classes. I love this game.

  24. i’m just happy someone could digitally capture what a post-thanksgiving drunken wrestling match between my brother and I look like. thanks, internet!

  25. Paul  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2009 0

    Six seconds in and BOOM, phantom opponent’s head out of nowhere. I love this video.

  26. this one is waaayyy funnier…

  27. I’m so embarrassed. Peter Jackson promised me that he wasn’t going to use the animation results from that night. We had a couple of bottles of NZ wine, and started playing “Gandalf vs. the Balrog” on the motion capture stage. It quickly turned into “Adrian Brody and Jack Black fighting giant bugs: the porn version”. High on my list of regrets. Very high.

  28. This looks like my roommate attempting to stagger his way home from his 21st birthday celebration last night. Except at the end he did not bow. He puked.


  29. The marimba music is a nice touch. Thoughtful.

  30. This could’ve been called SPAZMotori! Ahahah! You’re welcome for probably making this the best day of your life.

  31. Falling down: the original comedy.

  32. I downloaded it. It’s everything the trailer makes it out to be.

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