Some performers are so successful in branding themselves that the brand supercedes the performer, so that the caricature is more important than the subject. When that happens, it is more lucrative for the performer to play an exaggerated version of themselves in small, often comical roles than it is for them to bother continuing to do the thing that made them famous in the first place. That is clearly the phase that James Lipton has entered. It is not a pretty phase. Good luck, James Lipton! You’re the butt of the joke now, dawg!

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  1. I just can’t figure out why everybody keeps referring to my girlfriend as a ‘beard’.

  2. Did he ask the unicorns questions developed by Bernard Pivot?

  3. I’ll just stick with my BeardHead for now. Thanks, James Lipton.

  4. True Story: One time I was at a screening with James Lipton and he stood at a table all by himself and scarfed down a mountain of shrimp, like in that Tanqueray commercial. It was so embarrassing to watch. But this is worse- because he actually shaved for it.

  5. I thought entering the “Carrot Top phase” of something meant to get really tan, disgustingly ripped and change your face in a subtle way to make people wonder if your face is different from how it used to look or if they’re just remembering it wrong.

  6. A Terrance Howard Reminder: Don’t Sext Ur Tits 2 Just Anyone!

  7. Nothing shocks me about James Lipton. I once saw an episode of Inside The Actors Studio where he interviewed Martin Lawrence for a full hour about acting.

  8. Love that money!

  9. the girl who let grandmas decorate her bedroom probably wasn’t going to text gossip to her friends in the first place. nice try jamez!

  10. Cruel text rumor.

  11. Anybody else think that was one of the grossest things that’s ever been on this site? Wearing James Lipton’s beard? Or anyone elses? But specifically James Lipton’s? Maybe a bit hyperbolic to start ranking gross things that have been on this site. But. Still. Ewww, get it off, get it off.

  12. I think he is actually moving into his Robert Z’Dar Phase.

  13. Seeing James Lipton rip his own beard off and put it on a teenage girl’s face, that I was okay with. When he used the word “pussywillow”? I shuddered. Big time.

  14. “You’ll find this beard both engrossing… and HIGH-GROSSING!”

  15. I will give getting Mommed a ponder.

  16. Oh, I pray for more of these. Not necessarily about the dangers of texting (there is no danger in texting), but about other moral quandaries that we may find ourselves in from time to time. I would trust James Lipton’s opinion on most things, on principle.

  17. can we all agree that james lipton is basically william shatner these days?

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