Babies trailer, you guys:

Yikes. Even my womb aches after watching this. I WANT TO HAVE A BABBBYYYYYYYY. You know that Anne Geddes saw this and was like “needs more pumpkin costumes!” So just to clarify, this is a remake of Babel, but with babies? “Does anyone know where there is a baby telephone? We need to get to a baby hospital! My baby has been shot in the neck!”

Seriously, though, this trailer is as earnest as it is cute, but it becomes a lot funnier if you think of it as a prequel. To anything. You can literally imagine this as the prequel to any other movie. Personally, I like to pretend that it is either a prequel to Hoop Dreams, or a prequel to The Event Horizon. But that’s just me. And obviously, whichever movie you pretend this is a prequel to, as a goof-em-up, is a personal choice.

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  1. There’s something baby with Esther.

  2. Way to capitalize on people’s love for listening to babies cry in movie theaters.

  3. Look Who’s Talking was great, but a prequel? Those Scientologists ruin everything.

  4. Pon the Baby Dancefloor.

  5. Personally, I see it as a preview to Half Baked.

  6. looks like the Heene’s were a little late on the uptake

  7. March Of The Babies

  8. This is clearly a tie-in prequel with the final season of Lost. The font is basically the SAME font. Jin is the Tokyo baby, Mr. Echo is the Nambian baby, Jack is the American baby. And the Mongolian baby is Jacob. The greatest flashback ever.

  9. this trailer takes on a whole new tone if you imagine it as prequel to requiem for a dream

  10. Oh shit, I just blew an ovary.

  11. Oh dear. This has just made the top of my ‘Things I do not want my wife knowing anything about’ list. Now so much because I don’t want to see the movie, (I don’t) but because of the days upon days of harping I would have to endure afterwards. I don’t feel bad though. I’m sure she has a list like that for me too.

  12. Powaqqatsi + Baby Geniuses – technology – Philip Glass = this

  13. Fuck this movie. I will not see anything about babies that are not geniuses, lost in a city, or have internal dialogues voiced by Bruce Willis and Roseanne Barr. HOLLYWOOD, GIVE ME MORE OF WHAT I WANT!!!

  14. Hollywood has got me pegged. This American Life style cinematography + Sufjan + ethnic diversity = I’m white and ready to give you between $8 and $12.50 to watch this. PUT IT IN MY EYES!

  15. I was asked to pass this message along:


  16. It always throws me when you post things that are not ridiculous, Gabe. I clicked play, mouth set to “incredulous smirk,” and was quickly confused by the lack of anything deserving of a face-palm.

    I’ve got snarky blue balls over here.

  17. This movie will make so much money.

  18. I hope that goat wins best supporting farm animal

  19. I’m going to go ahead and reverse my “Hoarders” comment: somebody’s girlfriend (mine) does NOT need to see this.

  20. Photobucket

    Baby Faces: The Motion Picture.

  21. awwwww this makes me wish my recent pregnancy scare had ended differently. no, wait, it DOESN’T. cute does not overpower my phobia of growing up.

  22. OH! dersocoot! *squee!* I could just eat ‘em up! too bad they won’t make it past 2013. sorry pals.

  23. I love how the trailer, which makes the film look like “Serious and Poignant Depiction of Growing Up Around the World,” is bookended with two clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos.

    “Oop! Lookit me! I’m a thirsty goat! drink drink drink drink….”

  24. “THE BABIES ARE COMING!” What? What kind of a tagline is that? Unless it’s a movie about killer babies from space, I think you need to go back to the drawing board, ad wizards. Am I right?

  25. I just like that it was like, normal movie, normal movie, oh! FOCUS FEATURES *cue indie soundtrack*

  26. Clearly the prequel to Trash Humpers

  27. I must be the worst woman in the world because nope, still don’t want to have babies. And I don’t think I could watch a 2 hour movie about babies. Whoops!

  28. Ugh. so i’ve watched this 5 TIMES so far. The moment where the little girl dumps water on her own head makes me laugh every time! every time. I just did it now. again. and i know it’s going to happen. This movie is going to make fucktons of money and I want a baby SO MUCH…damn. i’m starting to not care whose it is or where I find it.
    i think i have a problem.
    and now i’ve watched it 7 times. i’m closing the browser and taking my dog for a walk. maybe cleaning up poop will quell the mania. MLIT

  29. This is clearly a Power Rangers prequel.

  30. I think you all missed the part where it says plainly that this is a prequel to Wild Hogs.

  31. The children of Mumbai are so last year.

  32. Ugh, I couldn’t get past the screaming baby in the beginning. Kids are so annoying.

  33. I love it when Youtube videos are stretched into feature-length films.

  34. Crash

  35. “Last night I had a dream that all the babies prevented by the pill showed up… they were MAD. Angry babies, all of them.”
    -Steven Wright

  36. As a person with childrenz, I can tell you that only the childless will be attending this movie. Massive sleep deprivation has a way of knocking the cute right off any of the little bastards that aren’t your own…

  37. Poor babies, some of them don’t even have shoes! I hope this becomes a new Slumdog thing where everyone wants them to get paid so they can leave their native villages for thriving hollywood careers, but instead the babies don’t go to tribal council or whatever babies go to and nobody feels bad anymore.

  38. I think I like the idea of getting high and going to this movie way more than I will actually like getting high and going to this movie. Also, basically all movies are 2012 prequels.

  39. I’ve already seen this. It’s pretty captivating.

  40. Oh man, I was totally on board until the American baby was put in a hot tub! That is much more dangerous than a goat, I think.

  41. Is that Sufjan Stevens singing? Anyone know the song?

  42. This trailer didn’t make me want to *have* a bb so much as it made me want to *bite* a bb.

  43. The American baby looks exactly like my older brother when he was a baby.
    Daniel, what are you doing there?? Get out of the computer!

  44. I won’t see this unless tihe American baby is from Forks, Washington, completely RIPPING THE SHIT out of its mother from the inside. And then it gets “imprinted” (pissed?) on by a werewolf. MLIT

  45. Oh man, you don’t even know! I’m a married woman in my mid-thirties with a serious case of baby fever. My life is like a damn episode of 30 Something these days. MLI30S.

  46. Great! 4 new child stars we can all watch self destruct. Watch out Miley! Gosh they get younger every year- these babies will all have coke habits by kindergarten.

  47. i’m six months pregnant so this is getting me so excited. sorry for the sap folks!

  48. I love how the first 30 seconds or so is a Namibian version of “Charlie bit me.”

  49. Dear God. I saw this before Where the Wild Things Are at midnight, and it was one of those experiences that so truly blew my mind, I didn’t want to ever mention it out loud, keeping it a mystery of whether or not it was a dream. I now have the thrill of public confirmation: BABIES is a movie now.

    I hope they make Kittens! next.

    • I would go see ‘Kittens!’ like no one’s business. Eight times.

      Maybe now ‘The Puppy Channel’ can get off the ground.

      • Oh man. I just LOLed at “The Puppy Channel” reference. I had never realized how terrible these big cable moguls are! How does it NOT EXIST YET? WHERE IS THE TV/PUPPY JUSTICE?

  50. Does this really have to go in theaters? Couldn’t it have just been aired on Oxygen or Lifetime? Really world… you fail me

  51. I can’t believe the prequel to 2012 is almost here already! Way to be on top of the ball Hollywood!

  52. Babies make me nervous because I feel like anything can kill them at any second.

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