Wait, is that really how Tommy Wiseau makes his film(s)? As money-laundering scheme(s)? I guess that would make sense. Although I am not sure how the money gets laundered. It starts out as drug money, and then 10 years later some of it comes back in the form of a Neighborhoodies t-shirt or something? I’m sure that fluke midnight-screening cult classic revenues were built into the business model.

Oh, and in addition to Jon Hamm (that’s Jon Hamm, right? He should work on his off-season haircut! Friendly suggestion!) this video also features an Easter egg for the superfans: Videogum contributor Julie Klausner. Oh hi, Julie! Get it? Someone in The Room also says hi to someone.

(Thanks for the tip, JCA.)

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  1. Leave Jon Hamm alone!! You’re lucky he even performed for you bastards!!!

  2. Hamm has to have the Don Draper hair ready all year round to be able to spring into Draper action at the drop of a hat (fedora, because 1960s).

  3. Jon Hamm has to be careful about his hair because it gets his hair stylist pregnant every time they work on it. That’s right, Jon Hamm’s hair can get women pregnant.

  4. If I can say anything about this, I’ll say it could have been less funny. Not likely more, but less.

  5. I like “Youre crushing MEEE like a CHEESE SANDWICH” almost as much as i like “You’re tearing me APART, LIsa”


  6. i give him so much credit for this, i would never attempt such a feat.

  7. As far as I’m concerned, this viral video can drop off the Earth. And that’s a promise.

  8. “The Arkansas section of the United States” = LOLZ

    Bonus points for calling Room fans “smart-alecks”.

  9. This pretty much explains all the questions about Tommy W’s funding sources.

  10. Keep your comments in your pocket, Constantinople.

  11. julie klausner is pretty in the face. and she knows how to write words for websites. is there anything she can’t do?

  12. Storing this one in my LOLk for maximum ROI.

  13. The fact that Jon Hamm is even obliquely aware of the existence of The Room makes me somehow feel like we’re besties. I know that’s not how “things work”, and that the footage of Hamm in this clip was most likely shot with a hidden camera and of an actual prank call, and that Jon Hamm has never even met anyone named Rebecca, probably, and millions of people know about The Room, but STILL! A girl can dream!

  14. Tommy Wiseau is a “genius” (idiot-savant) auteur and a visionary for our times. His singular vision and voice is the voice of a new generation.
    Unfortunately the voice belongs to a 300 lb autistic 12 year old boy who saw too many Tom Hanks movies. And his visions are below peyote-grade spirit quests…

  15. He forgot to mention the male bonding. And by male bonding, I mean tossing around a football less than a yard apart.

  16. Wait, isn’t this Uwe Boll’s life story?

  17. “What kind of moneys Denny!!?”

  18. who doesnt respond to jon hamm?

  19. I bet sleepyhead Jon Hamm gets aaaaalll the tired ladies.

  20. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that ‘Wiseau’ phonetically translates to ‘What do you mean?’ in German.

  21. I finally got to watch this today, and now I can say with all certainty that THIS WILL BE THE BEST DECEMBER EVER!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I have to go pleasure myself to this now.

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