This is from all the way back in ancient last Wednesday, but it’s still great. He even gives snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler the Courtney-Thorne Smith treatment. A last-minute Thanksgiving Miracle!

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  1. “Sorry, this video is currently unavailable.” Ah, you pick me up, just to throw me down.

  2. his pirates of the caribbean 3 joke: classic.

  3. “Arrr! I be speakin’ with a southern accent!”

  4. I’m thankful for all my five children especially the one I like

  5. isn’t there a clip or something? I can’t sit through a whole show just for norm macdonald…

  6. Norm MacDonald is definitely your dad (if your dad was FANTASTIC. and less racist. but just as republican).

  7. Without women, there would be no cookies.

  8. Why is there no Videogum “Norm MacDonald Promise”?

  9. suit + sneakers… awww, someone’s an old man

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