It’s genuinely nice to have an opportunity to take a moment off from speaking truth to Big Jeff Dunham and crossing out days on my Lost countdown calendars (only 1,632 hours until Feb 2!!!) to pause and reflect and give thanks for the good things in this world. Because there are good things! Lots of them! Sometimes almost too many! It can be overwhelming. Ice cream and cake and cake, ice cream and cake and cake, do the ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake, indeed.

And one of the things that I am the most thankful for this year is you, the monsters. I do not say it very often because I am too wrapped up in making inside jokes that are mostly only funny to me about what part of the human hand this or that Top Chef contestant’s head looks like, or whatever, but I cannot express to you how much I appreciate you reading this site and posting comments and sending tips and starting your own weird secret Jukt Micronics chat rooms. But I will try: I appreciate it very very much! I really think that Videogum is one of the best places on the Internet these days, and that is due in no small part to the community that we have built AS A FAMILY.

So, you know, thanks guys. And have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Awww, you sweet for this one, Gabe! Just one thing – More Bus Reviews.

  2. We love you too Gabe, now question is our boyfriend wearing the white shirt or the polo?

  3. My heart just grew three sizes.

  4. You’re welcome. Thanks for writing.

  5. we used to do this dance at the roller palace… happy thanksgiving!

  6. Thanks for what you do, Gabe. In all very seriousness!

  7. Aww…it takes the holidays to turn you into Soft Gabe. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Gabe, we love you too.

  9. This Thanksgiving, I will eat a clown in your honor, Gabe. : )

  10. WE’RE A FAMILY GUYS! Love you too Gabe!

  11. Thank you, Videogum Man. You bring lots of love into this monsters life every day!

    I hope you have the most fun at dinner.

  12. Thank you for getting the metaphorical yogurt cup off our heads for precious moments every day, good sir.

    And happy Thanksgiving to my monsterly brethren! So much less than three up in here.

  13. Literally the most worthwhile website on the interwebs; guaranteed daily LOLs, plus a fantastic commenting community. Thanks for everything Gabe. Happy Thanksgiving, fellow monsters!

  14. Just so you know Gabe, we apreciate Videogum very much too! Not only does it bring us our daily laffs (150% of RDI), but the Monster community is the bestest community. YAY US!

  15. Aw, better late than never (real Thanksgiving was October 12).
    But in all seriousness, Gabe, you make the internet a better place. Thanks.

  16. Gabe, I would totally kill* Jeff Dunham for you.

    *Actually, no. I would not kill Jeff Dunham, but if he ever came into my coffee shop, I would definitely give him decaf or expired milk.

  17. Those adorable little Asian kids are mixing American traditions. Thanksgiving is when you eat everything you can get your hands on. You do the chicken dance at weddings. Get it right.

  18. I think one kid in that video speaks for many when he says, “I hate this part!”

    It’s hard to get all sincere up in this, but here it is. Thanks for the laughs (and tears of horror, if we’re being honest), Gabe and Monsters. May your turkeys be stuffed with upvotes!

  19. Are you there Gabe and Monsters? It’s me, shellbomber.

    I am thankful for all the laffs I can count on here at Videogum. For real. Thanks.

  20. arrrrrrrrghhhghhhh, I hate all of youuuuuuuuuuu…… ndsafjag;vb werrrtwerw with all his stupid pictures, dsssssm with those othr things.. jesus. Gabe, top me up. i know you all talk about me when I’m gone. guess what? i don’t care. fuck, we all knw jessuus codpiece is fucking his secretary and no one waaants to saay it. fine, I said it. not so smug now, huh? i come to thiissss monstergiving every year, the turkey’s always dry and NO ONE LIKES THE CRANBERRY STEW NAPOLEON!! *burp* *pass out*

  21. Thank YOU, Gabe. You’ve kept everything rock solid, even in the departure of Lindsay (how the fuck do you write this much, so well, everyday?), and I can’t thank you enough for brightening a particularly rough month or so for me, with your consistently hilarious commentary. For a blog about superficial things, you’ve always kept it real, and it shows in your writing.

    And you, Monsters! Thank you! I feel so silly, because you’re not real, and I’m not real, and we’re basically all just words on a screen. But I love you guys.

    The internet is a sad, wretched place. I’m glad I’ve found such a nice safe haven to laugh at all the absurdities. I feel in good company. Now let’s fucking feast.

  22. No funny comment from me just a heartfelt thank you and a Happy Thanksgiving to you to Gabe

  23. For as much crap as white people get it’s nice to see that the whole America’s Rainbow Coalition can get into the spirit of colonial domination too.

    I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table to laugh about how we a both better than the Indians. There will be a horn of plenty.

    • i* was trying to explain thanksgiving to one of my international classmates the other day, and it was awkward: “see, the white colonialists were really thankful for surviving the winter? with the help of the native americans? so they all had dinner together? but then the colonialists still tried to wipe out the native americans like… i don’t know, maybe the next year? but for a year they were… yeah, they were friends, and TOTALLY thankful.”
      *not a history major

  24. Thank you for making work day a tad more bearable, Gabe.
    …and fellow monsters!

  25. Happy Thanksgiving, Gabe! You make me laugh more than you could know. I love the inside jokes within this small community, and am excited to see what new ones develop in 2010.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Everybody say hi to their friends and relatives for me (bonus, if you do that they will think you’re insane!) Everybody enjoy some mushy food. What’s with Thanksgiving and mushy food!? Potatos? No, mahsed potatos. Bread? No way! Stuffing. But mom, how about some green beans this year? “Not unless they’re mixed with cream of mushroom soup young man. You know the rules. Grandpa’s gotta be able to digest this stuff.”

  27. Gosh, I… I think there’s something in my eye… I think I?wait, it’s moving, oh, god, it’s some kind of insect, it’s, it’s STINGING MY EYEBALL, I CAN’T GET IT OUT, DEAR GOD THIS HURTS MORE THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE

  28. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada, where we already gave our thanks for some different reason at some different time. Everything else has already been said — thanks and love and lots of friendly hugs.

  29. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everybody. WHAT ARE y’all COOKIN FOR tomorrow? I’m MAKIN A MOTHAFUCKIN deep-fried turkey, some SWEET POTATO pie, and A WHOLE SLEW of vegetables. Can’t wait TO SEE WHAT the brother AND SISTER fuckin rock. Not to mention THAT IT’S TIME for some GOOD OL’ MAMA’S cookin.

    SO WHAT are ya’ll MAKIN?

    • Sounds like a similar spread – Turkey, Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, Greens, Baked Mac and Cheese, sweet potato pie, apple pie, green bean casserole.
      And all these comments are making me tear up, I feel warm from the family thoughts!

  30. For reals. This is the best website on the internet. Thanks Gabe. And thanks Monsters.

    Thanks yogurt cups. And shake weights. And Twilight groupies.

    But I’m mostly thankful for Mark Wahlberg.


  31. Happy Thanksgiving, Gabe! Happy Thanksgiving, Monsters! Seriously, 90% of the conversation in my household revolves around Videogum and how hilarious Gabe is and how hilarious the comments are. Lots Of Love-ing over here, you guys.

  32. This is maybe my favorite website, but all this family talk is making me feel like a Juggalo.

  33. I’m thankful for Videogum and not reading/seeing New Moon.

  34. Thank YOU Gabe, you make high school much bearable. If I had a heart, I think I just might cry.

  35. In all seriousness Gabe, right back atcha.

  36. woozefa  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 +24

    i’m thankful for topher grace. may he stuff himself silly tomorrow.

  37. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, GABE!! Let’s all watch Pieces of April and let the happy/sad tears flow…

  38. No, thank you Gabe. Happy Thanksgiving, monsters!

  39. Just want to chime in and say that in a year of personal time-flashes, Videogum has basically been my Constant. Thanks(giving) to Gabe and to everyone else!

  40. Adding my thanks in as well. Since I started reading this site, my LOLk portfolio has gone through the roof.

  41. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  42. Videogum IS the best website on the entire internet. So thanks for writing it Gabe!

    (He is singing about YOU!)

    You: make this e-place iBetter / are the e-icecream on our iCakes / are the iStuffing in our e-turkeys ewwww

  44. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!!!! I love this site, even though I don’t post much.

  45. Gabe, I like you. I’m glad you do this and even though it may not seem like a big thing sometimes, Videogum really is often the one thing that keeps me sane. Your commentary is always hilarious and thoughtful and the comment-culture here is so, so excellent. Uh, I don’t really want to start waxing poetic about how much I love this place, but I just want you to know that I’m grateful for Vgum and all the awesome REAL PEOPLE I’ve become friends with through here, and I’m glad you are too.

  46. I’m too new here to be all “family this” and “family that” and “I love Gabe,” but you nedenholes do make me laugh, so I’m thank(sgiving)ful for that. Remember, David Spade has no respect for your dead turkey, Tom Cruise only wants mashed potatoes in case there aren’t any gay people around, and Paula Deen wants you to throw those cranberries at her face as hard as you can. Nostalgia!

  47. The best blog on the planet about pop culture inanities, and the best comments from people who watch too many videos that contain these inanities…. Happy L-Tryptophan Day, Monsters!

  48. We wouldn’t be monsters without you, Gabe. Thanks for your dedication to the site and your insightful commentary.

  49. brooklyn_person  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 +8

    awwww, gabe! you’re the best! no, you! no, YOU.

  50. gobble  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 +10

    You are welcome at my Thanksgiving dinner table anytime, Gabe!

  51. gobble  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 +10

    You are welcome at my Thanksgiving dinner table anytime, Gabe!

  52. I wish my real family was as fun as my Videogum family.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, Whateveryouwannuka.

  53. it's dragon time  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 +4

    i am proud to be a videogum monster. i love you guys.

  54. I’ve already thanked you for being awesome, and being funny and keeping up a consistent output in a post-Lindsay world etc. etc.

    So one thing that i haven’t thanked you for yet is your LIGHT TOUCH of comment moderation. Every place needs a moderator in order to keep things peaceful and not so obnoxious, but it is really easy to step into a trap like has. But you didn’t! You moderate just enough that nobody gets hurt and nobody gets overly annoyed.

  55. Awwww, Gabe. We’re all grateful for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    How many candles are going in your turkey this year?

  56. sol  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 +5

    We non registered monsters can comment again? Dude, this post almost made me get an account. So close!

    Anyway, I’m not really sure what a Thanksgiving is, so I’ll just consider this just a random opportunity to celebrate all these freelance comedians that are the commenters. Videogum is the only site where 60% of the entertainment are the comments, and that happens so very rarely! Think of Stereogum (partner site! The one I originally visited!), where those guys are 4real monsters, yuck! Who would want to check that comment section 4 times a day?

    You are funny. Well done!

  57. high fives!!! i love this place!!! Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

  58. in all seriousgumness, i found this site a few months ago when my gf dumped me while we were at disney world (i LOL you not.) i was all sorts of depressed, but then i found videogum in the hotel room and i’ve been back every day since. when we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for tomorrow, i’m gonna say gabe and the monsters.

  59. I love all you guys too!!! ))<3((.

  60. omg yay everyone! this site eats up most of my productivity and personal time (WORTHWHILE) because of an insanely witty editor and some amazing commenters. hooray for all! xxooxx

  61. Happy Thanksgiving, Gabe! I’m going to drink too much, eat three whole pumpkin pies and generally live it up. Enjoy yourselves, Monsters!

    • In a spontaneous moment of joy while reading the comments I just went through and gave everyone (up to you, Paper Werewolf) a +1. I felt like Oprah: “You get an upvote! And YOU get an upvote! Everyone GETS AN UPVOTE!”

  62. Gobble. gobble, gobble and nom, nom, nom.
    Gabe, Videogum is one of the few things that makes unemployment tolerable. I don’t know what I’ll do once I actually get a job. Thank you?
    Monsters, thanks for the laffs, the Faygo, and the (mostly) good-natured comment threads. Have fun at dinner, everyone!

    • Thanks for pointing out how positive the majority of the comments are here. It’s telling that the ones that get downvoted the most are usually crabby, pissy, or even hateful. Vgum is seriously one of the few places on the tubes that doesn’t tolerate that kind of bullshit, and I’m grateful for that.
      Thanks, guys, for keeping it real, civil, and hilarious.
      Now if only someone could photoshop a turkey on the pumpkinhead dancer, we’d be all set. Wertrew, I’m looking at you… :)

  63. I’m thankful that even though I comment really late on the posts, lotsa Monsters still follow me on twitter.
    And all the capital I’ve added to my LolK! Thanks Gabe, Monsters and Lindsay!

  64. Good golly, you all are the best. I love my real-life family, and we are going to eat a lot of delicious food tomorrow, but I wish we could all have a feast together too. We could have yogurt cups and ice cream cakes and spinning video pizza with our turkey. And we could invite Topher Grace to sit at the head of the table. Monster’s guest of honor.

    I’m very thankful for Gabe and Lindsay and the rest of the ‘Gum this year. You make my day.

  65. While videogum is not my usual site for videos of Asian girls of unknown age dancing, I did, nonetheless, appreciate the brief portion of the video I put up with before my lame-ass Verizon connection started stuttering like a 1997 RealPlayer demo. I trust the other 2 minutes and 19 seconds were equally entertaining. And Happy Thanksgiving from a short time reader, long time poster. I get a lot of laughs here.

  66. Thank you so much for reminding me of that.

  67. I haven’t been checking every day or commenting lately because I’m a senior in high school (gross, right?) who is trying to work on a portfolio and still hasn’t sent out any apps yet and is freaking out about having basically no money for college, but I finally took the time to catch up and it cheered me up some. Videogum played a big part in helping me mentally survive high school since I started reading over a year ago. Gabe and Lindsay and everyone made me laugh a lot and helped me ignore high school stuff and teen angst and other stupid problems that older readers of this site can roll their eyes at.
    Anyway, enough personal junk that I needed to vent, and a huge thanks Gabe and all you monsters! I hope all the food you stuff your faces with tomorrow is delicious and none of your family members get drunk and start ranting about how Obama is a Marxist elitist with a fake birth certificate who is destroying our country!

  68. I want to repeat one of my first vgum comments I ever made: “I want to upvote Gabe’s heart!”

  69. Wooohooo Thanksgiving! Gotta give thanks myself to Vgum and the monsters for getting me through some thin times in a foreign country. This was my one non-skype connection to my old life in NYC and America when I could not explain LOST or Top Chef to my Czech friends.

    I caught some shit from time to time but it’s OK, it was just like normal life in New York so I ain’t mad at anybody. Looking forward to a year in Korea I’m sure gonna need the LOLs and perineum etc. from the Monster/Gum community Yay!!! You guys!!!!

  70. Gushers, son! Thank you, Gabe, for overseeing this menagerie. Thank you, monsters, for constantly being so much fun. Where’s Godsauce been lately, btw? I love you all.

  71. Don’t bother explaining the origins of Thanksgiving with words when you can do it with muuuuuuuu-siiiiiiiiiiiic!

  72. How touching is this? And not in a rape-rape way. I am SO late for the party I know, and I never comment and when I do I usually get downvoted for saying something irrelevant/uninteresting (or for having a crappy avatar?) but I just had to say how much I love videogum and Gabe (and Lindsay- we miss you!) and all you monsters and how you bring cheer and warmth into my cold English heart. It must be coming up for a year since I stumbled across my first HFTWMOAT and I’ve been hooked ever since. No other site has the same consistent high quality intelligent/hilarious/socially inappropriate social critique. You guys da best! Most of it doesn’t even make any sense to me because hulu, and SNL and Jeff Dunham? It doesn’t even matter that I have no idea what/who is going on – it’s still Lots of Love all over the place. So thank you for enriching my life, and Happy Thanksgiving (whatever that is)!!

  73. Making me teary up in here! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is by far my favorite place on the Net due to Gabe’s brilliant writing and our family of monsters. Now I need to go take a shower so I can be clean while I stuff my maw full of turkey, sweet potatoes, and mashies!

  74. Thanks, Gabe. Happy T-Give to you, too. Your kids are adorable!

  75. Happy Thanksgiving Gabe and fellow monsters. Gabe, you are the single bright spot in the black hole that is the internet. Fellow monsters, you guys are all probably my soul mates.

  76. God bless us everyone :)

  77. I was all excited to check videogum when I got home today but you took today off too :(
    Whatever, Jersey shore bitches!

  78. I love all of you monsters here at Thanksgivideogum!

  79. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Monsters. And to you Gabe, a happy new year. I didn’t comment this week because I was too depressed that there will only be two more Thanksgivings before the end of the world.

  80. i am so late to the party, and i didn’t even bring anything, but i am very thankful for the world of videogum. my workday would be very dull were it not for gabe and monsters, inc. you are just great, you guys.

  81. I need an adult!

  82. Has anyone visited jazmine018′s website? It’s made me realize there is a severe lack of spectrum analyzers in pornography these days.

  83. I want to meet Christmas!!

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