Greenberg trailer, you guys:

As we get older, we inevitably begin to reflect on what choices we’ve made in life that have brought us to that particular point. Things rarely turn out the way that we think or hope, and some of the heavy, inevitable truths of aging and the vagaries of middle-to-old age cannot be imagined or understood until they are experienced. One morning you look in the mirror and it’s your father (or your mother) staring back at you. And yet, no decision or path taken can be disentangled from any other decision or path. As we learned from the philosophical treatise Sliding Doors, you are the inextricable accumulation of an infinite number of choices leading towards one compound outcome. Or, if physicist Brian Greene is to be believed, then our existence is just one of an infinite number of mirror existences in the multi-verse, each opportunity or possibility or hair color (Sliding Doors!) being somehow expressed simultaneously in the far reaches of the universe.

Of course, some of us aren’t worried about it, because some of us pay a 15-year-old boy in the neighborhood $5-a-week to keep us up-to-date on what the kids are into these days, and that is why we’ve got two tickets to see the Justine Bieber this weekend. She’s toteee neato! Good luck regaining the meaningful path of your lives, GRANDPAS!

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  1. I have to admit that their using LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” in the trailer raises my chances of seeing this film by 25 percent. It’s like a werttrew dog whistle.

  2. Being White and Doing Nothing is Hard – A film by Noah Baumbach

  3. Well, I can’t say I can relate to the travails of growing older, as a whippersnapper, but I do appreciate the LCD Soundsystem song. And the fact that it’s about a Jewish guy. That has a dog. Yay!

  4. I wouldn’t mind being the 3rd “Just Having Sex” with Jennifer Jason Leigh… She doesn’t seem to be getting any older.

  5. It’s mid-life. Jump into mid-life.

  6. I’m just dyyying to find out how exactly, this girl changed his life.

  7. American Office Space Beauty

  8. Oh, we’re still not over loser guys being saved by quirky and forgiving prettier women? Can someone wake me when it’s over?

  9. I been slackin so hard for so long that
    Even jennifer jason leigh thinks my defenses are gone

  10. Still looks better than Margot at the Wedding.

  11. NOOOOOOO! I purposely haven’t built up a strong enough association with this song that I can see it paired with something potentially horrible and not be affected(I’ve been waiting to listen to it with a girlfriend that would never leave me or a puppy that would never die).

  12. pretty harshgum around here, but i don’t know. it looks pretty good to me. and i thought the squid & the whale was pretty great. and james murphy contributing new music for the soundtrack isn’t hurting things, either. i’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    plus, with this economy and our 10.2% unemployment rate and whatnot, this country needs to see a character (played, no less, by multimillionaire ben stiller, who likely added multimillions to his multimillions in agreeing to the role) whose completely content doing nothing. amirite or amirite? motion picture panacea.

    • Finally somebody willing to voice some dissent. Just because a movie’s protagonist happens to be both white and melancholy does not mean the movie is bad. I for one want to see Ben Stiller to get his Chas Tenenbaum on.

  13. I’m so jaded by your superciliousness.

  14. My alternate self sits on Stereogum all day. Movie looks good though.

  15. Ben Stiller is looking kinda weird these days. He’s got Tom Hanks’ Da Vinci Code hair.

  16. We all need to accept that people are never going to stop making movies about 1) how shitty/disorienting it can be to age, 2) shlubs entering redemptive relationships, 3) miserable white people, 4) people in insulated vests, 5) dying dogs. Let’s move past the denial and anger stages, shall we?

  17. over on mumblecoregum, they are taking about how greta gerwig has put on some weight.

  18. I don’t know about this film.
    Flanagan had a similar plotline, from what I can remember.
    Most of the cast was already in Sanderson.
    Correct me if I’m wrong here, guys, but it seems like this film is borrowing all the best parts from some of the already great last name films of yesteryear, such as:

    Van der Veen

    and my personal fav-

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  19. Obviously, there are other realities out there. Stanford physicists suggest there are 10^10^16 alternate universes and attendant realities. Yikes. Sounds like somebody’s abacus got away from them.

    But other than obvious ones like The Man In The High Castle Universe where the Nazis win WWII, Bizzaro World, and the Topher Grace as Emperor Universe, what other universes could we expect? I am all tingly to find out.

    To infinity, and thereabouts!

  20. I would’ve commented sooner, but I was busy composing my weekly angry letter to Starbucks.

  21. Come on Ben, didn’t you learn before…you never go full retard.

  22. Bring on the MPDG’s!!!!

  23. Ben Stiller basically sounds like me, minus the whole building doghouses and having sex thing.

    • “What do people say about me?”
      “They think you don’t make any effort”
      “But I beat Final Fantasy 9 yesterday.”

  24. He’s also in the trailer. Briefly at around 0:25, he’s using a phone and wearing sunglasses to the left of Ben Stiller.

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