Last night, The Daily Show‘s Senior Women’s Issues Commentator (and Flight Of The Conchords show-stealer) Kristen Schaal demonstrated her outrage with the way the media has treated Hillary Clinton “like a Hooters waitress” by taking off one article of clothing for every misogynistic cable news clip Jon can find. Appropriately, Kristen chose The Indigo Girls’ Closer To Fine as her stripper-music:

“Misogyny is like jazz: women know it when they hear it. And there’s always that guy at parties who’s realllly into it.” Kristen Schaal for President regular Daily Show Correspondent!

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  1. No, your first inclination was correct. Kristen Schaal for President!

  2. She was great there. Was that her first Daily Show correspondence?

  3. Check out Sly-Fi?s exclusive interview with Kristen Schaal on our Record Junkie Tumblr blog or in full screen at

  4. “God, I wish I had some poison.”
    Her delivery and timing is awesome.

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