TV critic Alan Sepinwall moderated a special panel for Emmy voters yesterday featuring most of the cast and creators of How I Met Your Mother, which, despite a disappointing finale, should still be nominated for Best Comedy because there are only two other good comedies on TV. Sepinwall posted an impressive account of the panel on his blog last night, including answers to burning HIMYM questions like “What’s with the pineapple?” and “What’s with the goat?”

Will we ever find out about the pineapple? Carter shook his head and said that his single biggest regret in the history of the show was having Future Ted say at the end of “The Pineapple Incident” that he never did find out what the pineapple was about, because he’d really like to tell that story. Josh suggested that maybe they could do it in a way where the audience finds out but Ted doesn’t, and when I related the story to some friends, they all independently suggested doing an episode narrated by Future Marshall.

Will we ever find out about the goat? Carter got very excited and insisted that they have an amazing plan for the goat, and that he knows people thinks that they don’t (hence the 30th/31st day birthday confusion from “The Goat”), but we will find out, and it will be awesome.

I then asked if that meant that if I tracked down the kids (Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie), they could tell me who the mother is. Pam acknowledged that they probably could, “but we hope they won’t. They’re very nice kids.”

Someone ask the kids who the mother is! Lots more HIMYM geek stuff (and a little bit about Britney Spears, sigh) on Sepinwall’s blog.

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  1. Okay.So i am a huge HIMYM fan.An addict you could say.Ive seen all the episodes,no doubt.And dont worry,im not an adult who is wasting there life away.I am a teenager.Anyways,that is not the point.Okay:So stella and ted didnt work out.I am pleased.But i have a feeling she might come back.Maybe not as the mother,but just as an ‘obstacle’ you could say.I just got the third season and have been watching the episodes every once in a while.Now i got to the episode “Ten Sessions” the one where Ted is determined to turn Stella’s no into a yes.It is the last session and Ted asks Stella on a date as he planned.Stella tells him she has a daughter.That she never gets out.Its work,and Lucy(the daughter) that her time goes into.She then goes on to say she has only gone to one party this year.I quate “St. Pattys day.It was awful.I left early” In the St. Patrick’s day episode “No Tomorrow” Ted says the mother is at the St. Patricks day party.Maybe Stella was there.So its just something to think about.Thats all.
    I have one other thing.I really dont think Robin is the mother.Because in the first episode where he talks about meeting Robin,he says at the very end, “And kids,thats how i met your aunt Robin”
    And i do hope Barney and Robin work out.That would be cute(in my oppinion)because Barney is that sleezy guy.Robin would be good for him

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