In retrospect, I don’t think I liked Bruno overall. It was only medium funny, and it had a lot of really confusing mixed messages. But I definitely liked this scene in which he finally takes down Big Stage Parents. Haha! (P.S. the Bruno DVD was released today, I guess.)

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  1. The deleted scenes from the DVD have been on youtube for a couple of weeks now including the La Toya Jackson one. La Toya’s scene isn’t that funny but Bruno got Pete Rose with the Mexican chairs too and it’s kinda good…

    Here is La Toya’s scene …

  2. Bottom Line: come showtime, when their little feet hit the stage in a pair of pink glittered mules with Lucite six-inch platform heels, these kids are going to be smash hits of precociousness. (Or do I mean preciousness?)

  3. Didn’t find it funny, more like a uh? wtf? feeling. Underachieving parents willing to do anything for money and fame.. very american!(?)

    As for the deleted scenes, I laughed at the Pete Rose bit, not so much at LaToya.

  4. i still stand behind Bruno calling the cop on the bus Paul Blart.

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