Papa Smurf called, he wants you to watch this video!

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  1. I miss Understated Andy Dick

  2. Wait, what did GodSauce Say?

  3. Looks like Zach lost some weight. Very disappointing. Way to “go Hollywood.”

  4. I would watch Zach G angrily mumble at Meryl Streep. I hear NBC’s got an unused time slot at 10 E EVERY NIGHT for him to do this.

  5. When I tell stories I say ?the end? when I am finished so that my significant otter knows when to say, ?Oh, you do go on.? And then he changes the subject because i am uh…boring. Long story short I?m glad he doesn?t have pre-recorded sound effects of, um, a cricket or what have you. That would be embarrassing.
    The end.

  6. One of my favorite things about Zach is his ability to look like he’s JUST about to show signs of being extremely emotional (mostly angry, but other emotions as well), but he never actually cracks on the surface. SUCH TENSION! So good.

    The film “Visioneers” that Zach was in has this stuff in SPADES. He communicates so much while saying so little in that film. Check it out, people.

  7. I bet Andy Richter would call this bit “To the Right of Two Geniuses”.

  8. why is there no zach galifianakis promise? that man never lets (me) down.

  9. Yeah, let’s get that promise going. Think of how many hungry mouths would be fed by those Lots of Loaves (?).

  10. I just don’t get this guy.

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  12. Is the sight of Conan’s neck unsettling to anyone else?

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