Where the fuck is the 100 greatest The Wire quotes at, String? Huh? Huh? Look at me! Where the fuck is the 100 greatest The Wire quotes?! Oh. Here they are. Nevermind, String!

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  1. “You’ve tried to visit a page that does not exist, dawg.”

  2. “I’m listening in on a drug dealer’s phonecall on the wire.”
    -Jimmy McNulty

  3. Oh noes! 404 Oops!

    Anyway, “I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase. It’s all in the game though, right?” had better be on there.

    Also “Murder ain’t no thing, but this some assassination shit.”

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  5. oh yeah? whatevs.

  6. that link is deader than stringer bell.

  7. “Does the chair recognize we gonna look like a bunch of punk ass bitches?”

  8. Just made my day 100 times better.

  9. “You’re gonna need a bigger wire.”

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  11. “There’s no crying in the wire.”

  12. From the Slim Charles pops Cheese scene, I would have went with “This sentimental mother fucker just cost us cash money.”

    • Pretty much anything Slim Charles says should be on there. Totally underrated, and steals pretty much every scene he’s in. It also needed WAY more Brother Mouzone. “9 at close range will do that.”

      • Agreed “Ain’t enough y’all done violated the Sunday morning truce. No, I’m standing here holding a torn-up church crown of a bona fide colored lady. Do you know what a colored lady is? Not your moms, for sure.”

  13. “We on him, String.” “Yeah, like a 40 degree day!”

    Seriously – the best line.

    • “I might’a hit ‘im.”

      Man. Sapper is one dumb motherfucker. If his partner’s reactions to the dumb shit he says were a quote, it would be on there for sure.

  14. i’m pretty sure the sound snoop makes at 06:19 is the same sound yoshi makes when he gets hit by a red shell in mario kart.

  15. The Sergei quote they had was great (easily one of my favorites), but I’m not sure why they didn’t include “Why always Boris?” Season 2 was painfully underrepresented in that compilation. No Ziggy, Horseface, or Vondas? Come on.

    • I don’t know what the hell your avatar is, but I love it. Kevin Garnett screaming at a young Andrew WK (?) who’s way too excited about mixing peanuts with Cheetos? Sold.

    • Oh man, agreed x one million. Season 2 is so maligned. Also, some choice Prezbo quotes were omitted. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS VIDEO WAS ONLY 10 MINUTES THERE COULD EASILY HAVE BEEN 200 MORE QUOTES I’LL STOP YELLING ABOUT THE WIRE NOW

  16. Where the fuck is Namond, String?? As in, there were no Namond quotes in that whole thing! Prop Joe coulda used a little more time as well.

    • I agree. Quite frankly, though, there’s at least one noteworthy quote per episode, not counting the lines that appear right after the opening credits…oh wait, there were 100 quotes here and only 60 episodes. Make that two noteworthy quotes per episode.

      I also love a Marlo quote (that isn’t in here) when he’s talking to the security guard outside the corner shop:

      “You want it to be one way.” “What?” “You want it to be one way.” “You want it to be one way” etc… “Man, stop that!” … “But it’s the other way.”

  17. —Not including “Nice dolphin, nigga” is? a most grievous oversight.—

    that is probably my favorite youtube comment of all time now.

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