Remember all your boyfriends who you date and love and make love to? Well, you also date and love and make love to these guys. Duh.

Is it weird for you? It must be like dating in a mirror, huh? “Being in a relationship is always a compromise, but in our case it’s not that much of a compromise because we’re almost exactly the same.” That is what you say.

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  1. Did I just spy Richard Belzer?

  2. A flower as a phone?! Oh man, if the inventor of comedy can’t get a date, the rest of us are screwed!

  3. “I read somewhere about a guy that was naked with a woman once. I thought I might like to try that someday.”

  4. Getting out my vibrator, bb in about 2 hours.

  5. Who let the lesbian in?

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  6. Well that’s awesome because not only do I enjoy photography, travel, skiing and cuddling, but also I can’t ever seen to get enough of reindeer-themed holiday sweaters!

  7. Pretty sure I saw every member of Vampire Weekend in that video.

  8. I seek a person who is childlike

  9. I’ve read that everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor, but my friends all tell me I do.

    Then I take the gun away from their heads.

  10. I’m willing to bet that at least one of these guys is currently in prison for a sexually related crime.

  11. Guy at the beginning: “Some of the things I like are photography, travel, skiing and cuddling.” Bio of guy at the end: “Interests: Skiing, Jogging, Travel, Film”. So basically, when they got to the “interests” section, and they said “what about comics and msturbation” the video dating service guy was like “no no no, our studies have found that women may not share those interests. We’ve found through exhaustive study that women like men who ski. And take photographs. In different locations.”

  12. “Hello, I have just moved into the neighborhood and the government requires that I inform you that I enjoy photography, film and cuddling.”

  13. Did anyone check out the website this is from? Looks like others are honing in on Everything is Terrible-territory. I gotta say, I prefer the lower-fi feel of EIT. I mean, Blogger? Ha. LOL in and of itself.

    • Found Footage Festival has been around for many years in the form of a live screening that tours the country. They get their videos from yard sales and thrift stores. All the videos they have are great, but the “It Only Takes A Second” workplace safety videos are priceless.

  14. Bachelor #3 is clearly a liar, “exciting claims adjusting business”? AS IF.

  15. Back then, those dudes were worried about nuclear brinksmanship and the feasibility of Glasnost — little did they know it was the internet that would finish them off.

  16. All of my boyfriends break my heart a little. Everyone deserves to be happy and not lonely! Even the creepiest of my boyfriends could have super-terrible ladies to cuddle and order way too much food and dress like Vikings with. Right?

  17. I’ve never been more uncomfortable in my life.

  18. That video was a total sausage fest.

  19. “extremely high verbal skills”….remember life before the internet? Christie Brinkley and Jaclyn Smith do.

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