Here is a special Christmas song featuring many of your favorite comedians, recorded in what looks like your divorced dad’s brand new one-room apartment. You get your own room!

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  1. Needs more Jeff Dunham. Tee hee, can you imagine what Achmed would sing like??

  2. lmfao@1:54!
    that will get me through the whole week

  3. JimmyPardoGum!!!

  4. I fucking hate that song that this clip is parodying. It’s the most arrogant “white people fix all the problems (that they first create)” self-satisfied, fake generousity bullshit. I mean.. “do they know it’s Christmas time at all?” Seriously? Those brown people out there, do you think they know how much Christianity does for them even when they don’t know it?

    God I hate Christmas. November to January I just want to go hide in a cave.

    • I’m with you on that. And I never realised how insulting this song was towards starving nations til now… “God, aren’t they fed yet? Do they even have Thanksgiving in Africa?”
      “Oh, sure. Pilgrims, Indians… Tator Tots. It’s a real party continent.”

  5. I don’t think Chris Hardwick is any of your favorite comedians.

  6. Hard N’ Phirm! Cracked Out! Where were Tenacious D and Flight of the Conchords?? We need more comedy musical duos, please!

  7. Rob Huebel is a handsome man. That’s all.

  8. This has nothing on “Do They Know It’s Halloween?”

  9. Why is Dane Cook dressed like a woman from the 1980′s?

  10. Aimee Mann was definitely a surprise. When has she been funny? or pro funny things? Wise up, Nightmare Girl, that’s just the way you are. Voices carry. Though I do like her cover of ?You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch.?
    Also Rob Huebel IS handsome.

    • Susan, this is how it goes: You leave me no choice in the matter but to point out that she’s got a great deadpan humor when performing live, and her annual Christmas variety show tour is known for its hilarity. Now goodbye Caroline, I can’t help you anymore. Save me.

    • Oh, and umm, Rob Huebel is dreamy indeed.

  11. well good for her. good for her. I should?ve known. Now, Mr. Harris, this isn?t going to be sugarcoated: I’m not really a big Aimee Mann lover. we kind of lost touch after magnolia and then once she was on buffy the vampire slayer? yeah. Do you remember when she lost her toe? Those were the late nineties through early double zeros! Ah…I?m calling it quits.

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