“Russian Roulette” video, you guys. It was supposed to premiere on 20/20 tonight, you know, for all the 65-year-old Rihanna-heads out there. “I am enjoying this piece about conditions in Spanish women’s prisons, but I also can’t wait for the Rihanna music video. My tea is getting cold!” But it leaked! And yikes!

Save it for the therapist’s couch, am I right, you guys? Jeeeeeeeez. The space therapist in V for Vendetta Town, apparently.

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  1. We’re gonna need a bigger Chris-Brown-and-cute-children video.

  2. I don’t know. I just don’t think there’s enough Lady Gaga in this video.

  3. They scrapped the original video:

  4. the audio sounds like it’s being piped through a stack of 20+ Ed Hardy shirts. And while the idea that Ed Hardy shirts damp sound better than other shirts is based on a guess, it’s probably true. a dense weave to keep the douche in just makes sense.

  5. What’s with all the shit songs that feature Russian Roulette as a theme. The Bizkit, The Gaga and now The Rhianna. (That last sentence would make a brilliant chorus, by the way).

  6. So Tina Turner in Mad Max is the next big look?

    Excellent! I’m gonna buy an at-home blonde dye kit and stop washing my hair now.

  7. She is just trying to put a sexy spin on abu ghraib. Its a new world. Wemon are sexually empowered. You GO you sexually empowered wemon with breasts and asses for sex!

  8. Russian Roulette in a poorly ventilated room? Going back to the guy who beat you the night before the Grammys?
    Guru of Healthy Relationship Town over here.

  9. Save it for the rapist’s couch, am I right? So, is John Stossel going to put this sex-Nazi interrogation room dance off in perspective for us? Give Me A Break!

  10. Mao! MAO!!!


    Also, this video seems to borrow awfully heavily from that ONE SCENE in the Last House on the left remake (:55 in):


  12. Gas chambers, so hot right now!

  13. why does everyone use those stupid music players in their videos these days?

  14. champagne quality.

  15. “Our commitment, customer is God.
    Quality is our Dignity; Service is our Lift.”


    “Pass by but don’t miss it.”


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