What an asshole.

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  1. She really conducts herself in a mature and professional manner. For the record, “mature and professional manner” now means “like a giant asshole.”

  2. The last 50 seconds are the best, as they involve Prejean doing what she should be doing: sitting silently and looking pretty.

  3. Well, in her defense, why would she expect to be asked about her public affairs on an interview show? And then a gay caller dares to try to speak to her? I would have taken off my microphone too and sat there like a dumb baby staring blankly into space, babbling to myself while I’m being filmed for a live television show that is broadcast all over the world. Totally reasonable reaction.

  4. For the record, she wasn’t being an asshole, she was just testing out her new Bill O’Reilly impression. Oh, wait…

  5. The defeat on his face 1:03-1:07 is priceless

    Inappropriate King Live, Lots of Love old man, way to piss off a retard.

    Also, I thought that the caller from Detroit said I love faggots, but he said I love pageants…. Shows you where my mind was.

  6. larry, you are being entirely appropriate.

  7. That. was. infuriating. I need to take a shower.

  8. What is wrong with the media these days?! Investigative journalism? Relevant questions? INTERVIEWS?! I’m sorry, but I expected better from you, CNN.

  9. Thoughts:

    1. I love the guy who just says “I’m a gay man, and I love pageants!” We should all be so lucky as to find something in this world that makes us happy.

    2. Why does she storm out after that line instead of Larry’s supposedly “inappropriate” questions, which he was already finished asking.

    3. No wait. She doesn’t storm out. She just sits there awkwardly at the desk. Why? Is she chained to the chair?

    4. That was a terrible storm-out, Carrie Prejan, and I wish we hadn’t let you finish, but Bob Novak had one of the best storm-outs of all time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v–BAKo4gjM

    • You know he left early because he didn’t want to answer abt the Plame thing… The stupid interviewer tipped him off! Larry does it right – “Spring” the question (about that which has made her famous – the sole point of her media existence) on the “unsuspecting” interviewee.

    • Re: #1?Right??? And I felt like when she ignored his question, she was stepping on his dream. HAVE A HEART, YOU MONSTER.

  10. Yes, considering she was just on Hannity and went into detail about how it was a solo video (ie masturbation) and therefore was not a “sex tape”, this is absurd.

  11. Why is the current preferred tactic with conservatives in the media to act like a five year-old that doesn’t get its way?

  12. “Larry, you have to stop hitting on me again. It’s appropriate.”

  13. She’s so condescending and gross! Doll, the man you’re talking to is professional and at least 1,000 years older than you. Give a little respect, you asshole.

  14. The word “inappropriate” has been rendered meaningless by idiotic people who don’t know what to say to a question or argument, so they choose to hide behind a word they assume makes them sound smart because it’s multisyllabic. First Kelly from Real Ughs of New York, now Carrie Prejean.

  15. It really burns me up when people answer “No” to the question “Can you hear me?”

  16. I want to know who her off-stage coach is. We all know Carrie is an imbecile, but what’s this guy’s excuse?

  17. Wow, science is really improving. You can barely tell that this lady is a cyborg

  18. Also, she almost pulls a real life Eli Cash moment:


  19. She believes in Opposite Manners. It’s just the way she was raised.

  20. I can’t wait until her appearance on Between Two Ferns.

  21. It’s so frustrating when a person’s confidence is inversely proportional to her intelligence.

    • Exactly. One of my biggest pet peeves are stupid, mouth-breathing idjits who think they’re brilliant. And yes, the internet is a scary place for me.

  22. I just noticed that she looks like that girl in the teen vampire movies that everyone’s talking about. That doesn’t make me respect her less, because there is nothing less than negative infinity; it’s just an observation.

  23. So excited for her book, “Faggots, Obama, Books and Other Things That Are Inappropriate”.

  24. Anderson Cooper easily had the best line about this: “If you notice, her smile turns into a sneer after a while.”

    • I’m kinda afraid to admit it, but Anderson Cooper is starting to become my favorite media personality. If only for his constant condescension to idiots and his general misanthropy.

  25. This reminds me of when I was an idiot child and I was building an Airfix model jet fighter. I grew so frustrated due to “missing” parts and my general ineptitude that I made a total show of throwing it in the bin in front of my folks. But I just stood there, holding it over the bin, not sure what to do next (I wasn’t about to throw out a jet fighter).

    I imagine I had that same gormless look on my spoiled little face.

  26. the saddest part is that this is the most interesting interview larry king has had in awhile.

  27. She’s a real “see you next Tuesday” isn’t she?

  28. My favorite part is the beginning when she holds up a book with her face on it that she probably hasn’t/can’t even read.

    Maybe someday I’ll do something stupid enough to wind up being referred to as an “author.”

  29. I’m truly impressed with her. She made Larry King look professional and on the ball.

  30. Ahah, I love at 1:15 she gives this look to someone who’s probably not even there like “Can you believe this douchebag?”

    Larry has some sweet suspenders though.

  31. SHE IS THE WORST. Heigl and Paltrow duet sigh of relief.

  32. I’m proud of her; she’s gonna use the SHIT out of the new word she learned: “inappropriate.”

  33. Best unanswered question in that segment: “Who are you talking to?”

  34. what the fuck did she think this was going to be? “is your book good?” “do you want to plug your book?” “What do you want to talk about?” “do you like puppies?”

    what an asshole

  35. Wait, why do we need a ‘Shit My Dad Says’ show when Larry King’s still on the air?

  36. I will pay even money to the person that takes that video and overdubs Prejean’s “you’re being innapropriate”‘s with Bruno’s “You’re being really naughty”‘s. Even money. In Irony dollars.

  37. What a pretentious bitch. Why the fuck would she go on national TV to NOT discuss something that she’s clearly going to be asked about? Oh wait it’s to boost up her book sales. Now, THAT is completely innapropriate.

  38. I think y’all are being too harsh calling her an asshole. Clearly, she’s just too stupid to understand what’s going on.

  39. Wait, the best (worst) part of this is the marvelous blurb at the bottom, the one they left up for the majority of her asshole-time:

    another person who is AWESOME at tv interviews (although not as much of an asshole).

    • “Sarah Palin is my hero”

      And it showed! No arguments. Clueless. She goes to an interview show and doesn’t want to respond the questions asked… Now all she needs is a little right-wing town that needs a clueless Mayor.

  40. The Prejeanling Limited?

  41. Can we talk about the fact that this lady is 22? 20-freaking-2? I guess pageants age you fast. I don’t think she looks bad, per se. But 22? Get out.

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