[In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

Can you believe that the holidays are already here again? I mean, the holidays aren’t really here yet. There’s still awhile before the holidays. But the holidays are basically here. I saw an ad on TV this week for a Christmas special starring all of your favorite characters from the hit animated movies Madagascar and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa called Merry Madagascar. It’s going to air on NBC on November 17th. November 17th! A Christmas special before Thanksgiving even! This nonsense really does start earlier-and-earlier every year, just like the grouches are always complaining about. It is weird, though, that Merry Madagascar is airing next week instead of on Christmas Eve when the whole family would probably want to make a super important annual family tradition out of it because of how good I bet it is going to be.

Anyway, it’s the time of year where family and friendship and good will compete head-to-head (to-head-to-head) with crass materialism, but luckily for us, we have one thing that we can all share that doesn’t cost a thing. And that is Topher Grace news.

What is up with him?!

Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks this week to star in a movie called Source Code, directed by Duncan Jones, who directed Moon. Uh, Gabe, this is a column about what is up with Topher Grace, not what is up with Jake Gyllenhaal and what is also up with Duncan Jones. Uh, I know?! From Variety:

“Source Code” centers on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown commuter and is forced to live and relive a harrowing train bombing until he can determine who is responsible for it.

Project had originally been set up at Universal in early 2007 when the studio bought Ben Ripley’s screenplay and attached Topher Grace to star. Universal tapped Shane Abbess to helm last year. Current script includes revises by Billy Ray (“State of Play”).

Oh no! Sorry, T-Dot. Although, I am sure that he simply dropped out of the project to focus on an even bigger, maybe, and better, maybe, project. Besides, that is Hollywood for you! One day you are in the next day you are AUF. In any case, there is no such thing as bad publicity, and someone (Topher Grace) just got their name published in Variety Magazine as part of a story about a major motion picture. Neat!

“It is all part of the plan.”
–Mr. Joker

Meanwhile, I can’t help but feel somehow responsible for willing this amazing thing that exists into existence:

****CALLING ALL Topher Grace FANS!!!!****

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That’s great. We could obviously all use that. Although I do think it’s important to be honest in how you promote your product. Like, “limitless content”? Something tells me there is a very definite ceiling on the amount of content available through the Supafan Topher Grace iPhone app. Also, “from the beach, to the stage, to the big screen”? What stage? In any case, I am sure you guys already know the answer to that, since you downloaded this app to your phone before you even started reading this paragraph, and it definitely didn’t corrupt your phone and wipe the memory card clean whatsoever. Just a perfect and very legitimate piece of software.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication

And there you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. See you next time!

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  1. I’m hardly Professor IMdB, but Duncan Jones directed Moon, right?

    • Yeah. He’s also directing Source Code. Abbess was set to helm, but once The Toph dropped out, he was so devastated that he went into seclusion and started lining his walls with jars of urine while reruns of That ’70s Show strain through the thick layer of smoke and defeat to project on his Graceless visage.
      Oh well. It’s better to have had Topher and lost him than to have never had Topher at all.

    • your icon is sassy and i like it

  2. With all your talk of Christmasses and Madagascars and SupaFans the one piece of info I did take from this is that the guy who directed “Moon” is working on a new project. Moon was pretty damn good! I hoped to see more from him, and here I am finding out on my favourite Topher Grace-related page.
    Such is the complexity of life.


  4. Pfft, Topher is way too big to star in some Saving Private Ryan/Groundhog Day/Freaky Friday Hybrid anyway. Right, Toph?

  5. Gabe, I’m sorry, but Duncan Jones (David Bowie Jr.) directed Moon. Actually, this is confusing, as Duncan Jones has been attached to direct “Source Code”, and Shane Abbess has been thrown out the window with T-Grace too.

    In other news, I am bored enough to Google people I have never heard of to hopefully help you correct this error.

  6. woozefa  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2009 -47

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  7. Also available (IRL) for the Supafans:
    Paul McCartney
    Wayne Newton
    Zachary Quinto
    Michael Weatherly
    Ving Rhames
    ALL FREE! But, you do have to pay $.99 for Sugarland and Ty Burrell access. Duh!

  8. Hey, it’s just like I always say (literally, I say this constantly): “Being the first to know is always nice, but being the first to know always is better!”

  9. The Topher Grace Iphone App is a sham! Latest news, up to the minute? Psh…I’m still waiting to hear about this Variety feature (ok, I lied. I don’t have an iphone).

  10. Had to stifle Lots of Love at work over here when I saw that EXPLODING HEAD PIC.

  11. I’m sure they are showing the Madagascar Christmas special early so that we can all buy it after we watch it and LOVE it! *gun in mouth* though to be fair the second movie was better than the first so maybe they are just going to keep getting better? *puts finger on the trigger* I’m betting it will be out right after or on thanksgiving. *a tear runs down the cheek* Then we can watch it every day all day until Christmas! *blam*

    • I don’t mean to be all Professor Grumpy McNosenseofhumor, but can we cool it with the suicide jokes? There are few things in life that are less funny than suicide [this isn't directed at you personally, Mr. Hausfrau, just Monsters in general.]

      • I do agree with you. That gif that Gabe has posted of a woman in brown blowing out her brains on the curtains…that is awful. That made me cringe when I saw it. And suicide (gun + mouth) is definitely a recurring theme on here in the blogs and the comments.
        ::sigh:: But I pushed it too far? Y?know I was thinking it was too far. The tear really went over the edge. And maybe I?m trying too hard to be acknowledged by this seemingly tight knit group of monsters that contribute to a cool blog that I enjoy. And maybe I just want to feel like I belong. And maybe you gave me some stuff to think about. I apologize if I offended you. I will keep my comments suicide free from now on.
        Now here?s a picture of a kitty as a monster:

        (it?s got booties!)

        • That gif is a clip from the Black Dahlia, which is the single worst movie I have ever sat through in a movie theater. I know it looks terrible and graphic out of context, but in the movie, it is but another annoying, tacky particle of poo floating in the enormous diarrhea pile that is the Black Dahlia.

          (Sorry, that was excessively gross. But have you ever seen that movie? Why did anyone ever hire Josh Hartnett?)

          • I did not mean to turn this around on Gabe to make that clear. I was just trying to be understanding and say sorry and I would no longer add gun-blam talk.
            Now to Kiss the Pan: I have not and will not see Black Dahlia (especially now). I only watch Josh Hartnett movies by accident. As in ?What? He’s in Sin City too? for fucks sake it’s like a who’s who of who cares in here! Oh look, Clive Owen!? and I didn’t even know who he was when I watched “The Faculty.” Wasn’t he in some movie with Harrison Ford? …might of seen that on purpose.
            Hoping that 2012 ends everything is still ok, right? Ah well, I’m just going to assume yes.

        • You mean mittons?

  12. I think that once there are enough “What’s Up With Topher Grace” articles it would make a supa-sweet publishing venture. What an interesting series of essays!
    If it could be available for purchase by Christmas Eve (November 17th, 2009) I would really appreciate it.

  13. Seriously, forget Topher Grace. What I really wanna know is, What’s Up with Norm Macdonald?

  14. What’s up with Kevin Pollak?

  15. Topher Grace told me “the dream don’t get any closer than this, we gotta run after it now”, then he asked if i could front him 20$.

  16. Excuse me, Mr. Video Gum,
    I’m not exactly sure how all the internet surfing is done on the world web, but I would like to know where I can apply to upvote this article? How would I go about paying you? Do you have credit card facilities, and may I please have all your babies?

    Thanking you,

    The People.

  17. Can’t Read My…
    Can’t Read My…

    Topher Grace


    • Ta Ta Ta Topher Grace Ta Ta Topher Grace. Ma Ma Ma Ma. Ta Ta Ta Topher Grace Ta Ta Topher Grace.

      Uh oh…that one’s gonna stick. I’m now at high risk of singing that out loud in front of people who will understandably look at me very strangely. Someone sing something else, quick.

  18. I know it’s weird, right? It seems like they keep rolling out the holidays earlier and earlier each year. Crazy.

  19. “There has never been a better way to get accurate, in depth news about Topher Grace.”

    Whoa, that seems like a warning shot over Gabe’s bow (if Gabe were a pirate ship engaged in a canon battle with another pirate ship that is Topher Grace’s publicist.)

    Hey what’s up with Topher Grace – there’s an app for that.

  20. The guy with the exploding head should really stop smoking.

  21. While performing an independent search of Topher Grace news, I stumbled upon this unrelated item:

    Paltrow, Kidman to star in transsexual movie
    Los Angeles – Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow are teaming up to star in The Danish Girl, a film that tracks the relationship between the first post-operative transsexual and his wife, Variety reported Monday.

    The film is based on a novel by David Ebershoff about the experience of Einar Wegener and his wife, Greta. Einar begins his transformation after his wife, a portrait painter, asks him to stand in for an absent female model. Einar begins a metamorphosis into Lili after he slips on a dress, stockings and woman’s shoes.

    In the movie, Kidman will play Einar and Paltrow will play Greta, who stands by her partner through the sex-change operation, finally letting go when she realizes the man she married no longer exists.

    Worst movie ever? amirite? bah.

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