Today’s Best New Party Game is inspired by the Clash of the Titans teaser trailer, which reader Samir points out has a very clever tag-line!

Really? REALLY? The tag-line for Clash of the Titans is “Titans Will Clash!”?!

A++, Hollywood. Extra credit! “Show your work!”

When I was in junior high school, in the mid-1920s, my “language arts” teacher told us to make “reading” posters that promoted reading, which would then hang in the hallway. Everyone worked all week on these things, and on Friday we had to present them to the rest of the class. Good assignment! One kid, named Edward, who looked like a scarecrow and whose dad legendarily asked the teacher if he could read computer programming manuals for his book reviews, walked up to the front of the class with a folded piece of red construction paper, which he dramatically unfolded, and in giant, thin letters, written in pencil, the paper just said “READ.” That is what this tag-line reminds me of, except that Edward’s poster was very funny (let’s just say that it was as funny as the teacher was mad) while this tag-line is just very lazy.

Anyway, you know how this goes:

  • Private Ryan Will Be Saved!
  • He Will Report And Also Observe!
  • The Wild Things Are Here!
  • Spinal Tap Is This!

It appears like the student has become the player of this game!

Comments (330)
  1. Their Faces Will Come Off

  2. The Lambs Will Be Silent!

  3. Redemption at Shawshank!
    The Moon is New!

  4. Pussycats Will Kill Faster!

  5. After Today… There Will Be a Day… And After That Day… There Will Be Another Day.

  6. The Rings will be Lorded!: The King will Return!

  7. Arizona Will Be Raised!

  8. Blood Will Be There


  9. The World Will Be Policed By Team America!

  10. The World is Wayne’s!

  11. Vendetta starts with a “V”!!!

  12. blood is on its way…there will be blood

  13. The Citizen will be Law Abiding

  14. Cars Will Drive Fastly and Furiously

  15. squatting in preparation…jumper

  16. The Dead Will Rise At Dawn

  17. He’s a Dreddful Judge!

  18. There Will Be Treks to the Stars!

  19. Clash of the Udderans #wrongpartygame

  20. This Picture Show Will Be Their Last

  21. There will be two men, and then also another man.

  22. Georgia Will Rule

  23. Old Men will have no country

  24. Club Will Fight!

  25. woozefa  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2009 +5

    Mr. Fox Is Fan-tastic!

  26. Pan Has A Labyrinth
    The Right Thing Will Be Done

  27. Lola Will Run!

  28. They Will Be Fast and Also They Will Be Furious!

  29. There will be a war of the stars.

  30. Georgia Will Rule.

    These Dreams Will Come.

    In 60 Seconds They’ll Be Gone.

  31. Bitten by Reality!

  32. Schindler has a list!

  33. A Lieutenant Will Be Bad In New Orleans, Which Will Be The Port Of Call

  34. This Story Will NEVER End!

  35. A Land with lots of Zombies

    There’s a lot of activity and some of it is paranormal!

  36. Nemo Will Be Found

  37. Titans will be Remembered

  38. There Will Be Blood

    Ms. Daisy will be driven
    With boys and in cars, they will ride
    Mail, you will have gotten

  39. There’s a Right One. Let her In.

  40. The Sentence will be Death

  41. Baby Will Million Dollar!

  42. the future is going back.

  43. Couples will retreat.

  44. Ghosts Will Be Busted

  45. Mockingbirds will be killed!

  46. Michael Jackson’s This is it: because he’s dead.

  47. Marty Will Go Back To The Future

  48. The Earth won’t move one day

  49. “The People Will Be Funny”

  50. Parents Will be Met!

  51. That Thing Will Be Done By You

  52. Steve Zissou’s aquatic life

  53. The truth will be ugly

  54. There will be a carol this Christmas

  55. Old Men will have No Country

  56. This Movie Takes Place 28 Weeks After a Point In Time!

  57. Midnight Will Be Gardened By Both Good And Evil.
    Eve Will Be Abouted. ENTIRELY.
    Only the Remains of the Day Will Remain.
    The. Music. Will. Sound.

  58. Someone will lose their car, dude!
    Today, someone will be judged! (and terminated!)
    True things will be told about both cats and dogs!
    Someone will not only die, but will die hard–in fact, they’ll die hard, with a vengeance!

  59. This Summer Will Be Wet, Hot, and American!

  60. In Bruges

  61. There are pirates in the caribbean

  62. These Games Will Be Funny

  63. Happiness…Will Actually Not Be Experienced

  64. The Dead Will Dawn!

  65. Lebowski is about to have a BIG problem!

  66. It’s a menacing phantom!
    The clones are attacking
    The sith get revenge
    There’s hope and it’s new
    There was a first strike and now the empire is returning it.
    The Jedi returns!

  67. The Lost Ark Will Be Raided!

  68. Tyler Perry WILL do bad all on his own

  69. Horses Will Be Shot, Won’t They?

  70. A Poet Will Die
    The Dead Will Evil
    John Malchovich Will Be Been

  71. This Long Distance Runner Will Get Lonely!
    The Wind Will Make It Gone!
    You Will Be Afraid To Ask Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex!

  72. “Oy Vey!” will be exclaimed, at the news that their son is gay!

  73. The Star Will Trek!

  74. The Connection is French!

  75. Emily Rose Will Be Exorcised.

  76. There Will Be Something About Mary!

  77. Radio is the New (retarded) Black

  78. The Gingerbread Man Will Be Dead

  79. Willy Wonka has a factory. And he makes chocolate.

  80. In Seattle, someone isn’t sleeping
    The Matrix Loads Again
    100 x 3
    Goats will be stared at… by men

  81. Me, you will be asked to lean on.

  82. The bride is a princess!

  83. 30 Years Old is the new Virgin.

  84. A story about Christmas!

  85. Schindler’s got a list…

  86. This… Park… Is… Jurassic
    These Sisters Will Travel Wearing Pants
    This… Darjeeling… Is… Limited

  87. Two consecutive hours of Cleo!

  88. Predator Vs. Alien

  89. This summer, these Tenenbaums are Royal!

  90. This summer – A Man will Iron.

  91. These Burgers are Good

  92. He sings at weddings

  93. Titans will Remember.

  94. He Will Play a Solo

  95. The Locker Will Hurt

  96. He’s A Cop In Addition To Being A Robot.

  97. The Story that Never Ends!

  98. Its been 25 minutes and I’m already late to the party! Have we reached capacity here, should I just go?

    Also its funny how most of these hardly resonate because its so close to the actual tag lines movies get. You wanna know the real tagline for The Fast and the Furious?

    If loyalties must be broken, If the lines must be crossed, do it fast, do it Furious!

    Thank you

  99. Basterds So Inglorious They Spell Poorly

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